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Their target was in sight. The vulnerable girl was sprawled across her bed on her stomach. There was drool seeping out of her mouth and onto her red pillow. Snickers were heard as a group of 3 boys made their way out of the connecting bathroom.

"Oh my god!" the blonde girl who sat at her desk gasped as she saw the intruders.

"Shhh," Bryant shushed the other girl and pointed at the still sleeping Amber. "You'll wake her up."

That's when the blond finally noticed the bucket of water being carried by Sean and the looks of delight upon the boy's faces as the surrounded Amber's bed.

"You better not," the girl growled, venom and disbelief lacing in her voice.

"Oh... yes... yes we are," Bryant said once again in a whisper.

If Amber heard the voices, the nly indication was a slight murmur and a turning of her head to the other side. She snoozed on. Bryant gave the cue and...


The contents of the bucket emptied itself all over Amber and her bed. Immediately she jolted up, stumbling out of the bed. A look of absolute terror washed over her. She gaped like a fish but then began to register the laughing forms of her 3 hall mates and the yelling of her room mate, Jess.

"Oh MY GOD OH MY GOD!" Jess was screaming.

Amber continued to gape trying to piece together everything that happened. There was that dream that was so erie and yet so real, then there was water and it was like the crash but... but there was a bucket in their hands and she was dripping wet--

Amber rubbed her eyes.

"Dudes... what the Frick?" were the first words out of the stunned girls mouth.

"So she speaks," Bryant chortled.

"Morning sunshine," the 3rd boy said as he high fived Sean.

"What on earth guys!?" Amber's room mate cried out. "This is so immature! How the hell did you get in here!?"

"Settle down it was a joke," the guys laughed.

"Yeah, it didn't even get on your stuff," Amber reasoned. "If anything I'm the one who should be mad." She glanced at her clock radio. "I lost an hour sleep because of them."

The room mate was shaking, she was very furious, but without another word she stormed out of the room leaving Amber and the guys laughing. Sean and the 3rd guy collapsed onto Jess's bed and Amber grabbed a towel and wiped her face and hair.

"She's pissed," Bryant noted.

"Yeah and whose fault is that?" deadpanned Amber. "What the hell were you guys thinking?"

"We wanted to see the look on your face and Sherry left her room open for easy access," Sean explained.

Amber frowned and flung the towel onto her desk chair and began yanking at the sheets.

"I guess it'll be too much to ask if I wanted you guys to help clean this up, right?"

"Bryant will help. Sean and I have class. Later," the 3rd guy and Sean left out the room door.

Luckily Bryant did help out though. He even spotted her a dollar in quarters to do her sheets. By the time she was coming back up to her room it was time for her 11 o'clock class but she didn't even have breakfast.

"This sucks," she frowned. She was still in basketball shorts and the red shirt she changed into after getting wet. She didn't have time to get ready and she suddenly felt really really tired. She crawled onto her freshly made bed and sprawled out again and let sleep over take her. She missed the first day of Geology lecture.


When Amber woke up she was still alone in the room, though she could tell her room mate had come back at some point because her laptop was shut and an open mountain dew bottle rested beside it.

Amber yawned, sat up and looked at her clock. It was a little after one. She had about two hours until Intro to Computer Science. Being an undecided freshman sucked. She had no interesting classes.

As she lay there all alone in her bed she found her mind begin to wonder. Somehow it was brought back to the dream she was rudely awakened from earlier that day. Like most dreams it was fading as time passed, but this dream also was nagging at her. It was like a puzzle and she wish she could remember all of the pieces.

You are I, and I art thou...

Somehow those words echoed in her mind and brought about a strange throb in her heart. Even if it were a gross misinterpretation she couldn't control the course of her mind. Immediately she turned her head into her pillow, stifling the bitter sob that escaped from her throat.



She finally went to the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed in jeans and a white and blue button up. She then went to check her computer. She received emails from professors of the syllabus. She made note to print that in the computer lab later. Then she also checked the Connect U, adding Keith while she was thinking about it. That's when she also saw the message in her inbox.

"It's Layla. I was wondering if I could talk to you guys later today. Message me back when you've got the chance."

Amber typed up a reply:

"Hey Layla. I thought we weren't meeting until Thursday but I don't really have anything to do anyway. But I have class at 3. What time were you looking at?"

She sent it and then saw it was 2:40. She got her folder, put on her hat and shades, and went to computer science.
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