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Default [R0] The Ranger: Lethal Kicks and Deadly Shots

[R0] The Ranger: Lethal Kicks and Deadly Shots

The Ranger is very versatile and mobile class. Rangers can either choose to focus on their powerful kicks with piercing fixed damage, or opt to stick to their Gunner range and focus on their shooting skills.

- [R1] Jack Spike vs Marilyn Rose-
Although a Ranger skill, this is any Gunner's Super Armored launching skill. The higher the level, the higher the attack speed and launching strength. The Super Armor and range of this skill pales in comparison to the Slayer's Upward Slash or the Priest's Giant Weapon Launcher, but it is a Super Armor launching skill nonetheless. 2.00 sec cooldown.

Male: Jack Spike involves the Males delivering a high knee kick. Jack Spike has further back range that can catch what Females may overshoot with Marilyn Rose.
Female: Marilyn Rose has more forward range. However, it has no backward range and has a possibility of missing an enemy that may be directly on the Female's position or slightly behind her.

Note: These differences apply to BBQ as well, which starts off with a Jack Spike/Marilyn Rose attack.

- [R2] Rising Shot
A Gunner's, especially a Ranger's, primary launching skill. Sends a finishing shot that launches the target for damage slightly higher than a regular finishing shot. Up to lv10, the launching strength is similar to every class's basic launching skill. However, unlike other classes, the Gunner's Rising Shot can be leveled up to 20 for extreme heights. Physical attack percent based damage.

Male: 4.00 sec cooldown, 0.40 secs longer than the Female's. Differences in animation are the same as the finishing shot.
Female: 3.60 sec cooldown, 0.40 secs short than the Male's. Differences in animation are the same as the finishing shot.

- [R3] Punisher vs Spriggan
The Gunner's only Super Armor bypassing grab skill. It has little range and does little damage. Both skills work on a standing enemy. After the grab decision, the Gunner is invincible for the duration of this skill.

Male: Punisher has a *very slight* air range, allowing for grabs on falling enemies. The grab decision and splash damage activate when the Male steps on the enemy. Lasts longer than the Females' Spriggan, which means more invincibilty time upon a successful Punisher. 5.00 sec cooldown, 1.60 secs shorter than Spriggan.
Female: Spriggan can hit enemies lying on the ground. The splash damage is dealt to all outside enemies who bump into the Female while she is jumping back to shoot the target. 6.60 sec cooldown, 1.60 secs longer than Punisher.

- [R4] Windmill vs Topspin Kick
The Ranger's deadly 360 spin kick. As the name implies, it hits in all directions. Partial percent damage, partial fixed damage. Hits twice. The higher the level, the higher the attack speed for this skill. This skill is also the starting skill for both of the Ranger's skill combinations, Triple Clutch and Air Raid/Sonic Spike.

Despite the rumors, this skill has the same damage for both males and females.

Male: A breakdance spin centered on the male's head. Has a 4.00 sec cooldown, 0.50 sec shorter than the Female's Topspin Kick. Slightly short range than Topspin.
Female: a 360 sweeping kick, with her arm acting as the center. Has a 4.50 sec cooldown, 0.50 sec longer than the Male's Windmill. Slightly longer range than Windmill.

- [R5] Mach Kick vs Needle Sobat
This skill is an entremely fast kick that pushes the enemy back, with a small chance (~12% to 25%, depending on level) of stunning the enemy (for about 2 secs) when kept up to level. Attack speed and stun rate increase as this skill is leveled. Can hit enemies lying on the ground. Damage is the same for both genders.

Male: a quick forward knee kick. 5.00 sec cooldown, 0.50 secs shorter than the Female's Needle Sobat. Slightly shorter range than Needle Sobat.
Female: as a name implies, a jabbing back kick. 5.50 sec cooldown, 0.50 secs longer than the Male's Mach Kick. Slightly longer range than Mach Kick.

- [R6] The Headshot
A single powerful shot to the head (even for enemies without a head... yes, Rangers have quite the aim). Damage is percent-based: at least 500% for PvE, 250% for Increased Physical Critical Hit Rate and Increased Piercing Rate. Both rates increase as you level the skill. Damage is the same for both classes. Animation is the same as the finishing shot for the Gunner's normal attack.

Male: 8.00 sec cooldown, 0.80 secs longer than the Female's Headshot. The only other difference is the animation, which is covered in The Draw.
Female: 7.20 sec cooldown, 0.80 secs shorter than the Male's Headshot. The only other difference is the animation, which is covered in The Draw.

- [R7] Air Raid vs Sonic Spike
The leaping kick skill that follows after the sping kick skill, Windmill/Topspin Kick. This skill also acts as a passive which gives Windmill/Topspin Kick movement ability. Though the moving Windmill/Topspin Kick is negligiable at lv1, Maxing this skill provides for signifcant enough movement to make Windmill/Topspin Kick not just a camping attack skill, but a valuable approach for Rangers as well. 12.0 sec cooldown, though hardly noticeable because you're more concerned about getting the Windmill/Topspin Kick in first. The Ranger's only purely fixed damage skill.

Male: Air Raid kicks and propels Ranger upward at a high angle along with the enemy, assuming the enemy isn't Super Armored. Hits twice for high damage. Follow up with a few aerial shots, then will easily link into BBQ.
Female: Sonic Spike propels the Ranger foward at a low angle, sending the enemy flying forward. Hits three times for average damage (at max, approximately 300 lower per hit). Possible to directly follow up with BBQ, though more difficult and situational depending on where the enemy is relative to your position, and if there's a wall. Easily interrupts any non-permanent Super Armor attack, such as Jack Spike/Marilyn Rose, Upward Slash, Giant Weapon Launcher, etc.

- [R8] Moving Shot
Allows the Ranger to fire a set number of bullets forward with increased attack speed while moving (at walking speed). Cooldown 30.0 sec. Duration of Moving Shot mode is 15.0 secs, though you should have used up all your bullets before your time runs out. Damage is about the same is regular weapon damage (100%) and increases by about 5 to 6% each level. Movement speed slightly increases with level. Each weapon gets an extra shot per level, except hand cannons which get an extra shot every two levels. Press the jump key (default C) or the Moving Shot skill to cancel the skill early. Moving to a different room in dungeons also ends the skill. This skill can be used to juggle enemies (provided they don't fastfall because of too much air damage, of course). You can press the skill key (default Z) to turn around in Moving Shot mode.

Male: Holds his guns slightly higher in the air, due to his height.
Female: Holds her guns very slightly lower due to the difference in height.

- [R9] Multi Headshot
My my, Rangers have all directions covered, don't they? This skill allows Rangers to shoot several times in any direction with increased damage and hit rate. Press the arrow keys repeatedly for each shot, the arrows indicating the direction you want to shoot, (e.g. Up for anything in the background and above, Down for anything down the y-axis and and closer to the screen, right for anything to your right, and left for anything to your left). Not only that, but you are Super Armored for the duration of the skill. Beward though, there are some blind spots, namely in the (far) diagonal corners of the Ranger. 20.0 sec cooldown for both, and costs 1 Clear Cube Fragment for both.

Male: 5 shots, 2 less than the Female's. Begins at 400% damage per shot for PvE (100% higher start than the Female's, 80% for PvP. 600px ranger, 60 less than the Female's.

Female: 7 shots, 2 more than the Male's. Begins at 300% damage per shot, 100% less damage per shot than that Male's at lv1. However, the percent damage increases at a higher rate per level, decreasing the gap between the Female's and the Male's to negligible levels, with the Female only 1% lower at lv51 with lv9 Multi Headshot at 568% physical damage. After level 9, the Female surpasses the Male in damage per shot as well.

- [R10] Wild Shot vs Gun Dance
The ultimate close combat shooting skill. The Ranger quickly and randomly fires in all directions. 12~20 shots. Press the normal attack key (default X) to continue the attack. 20.0 sec cooldown. Ranger is Super Armored for the duration of this skill. Peak damage is at the center, right at the position where the Ranger is standing. Press Jump button (default C) if you somehow feel the need to cancel this skill early.

Male: Starts at 100% damage per shot, with slight increases in damage at 5~7%. If enemy is at the center, shots will push the enemy back and forth and keep the enemy in the center. If on the outside, shots will push the enemy away.
Female: Starts at 50% physical damage per shot, increasing only 2~3% per level. Gun Dance has a slight vaccum effect that pulls enemies closer in. As Ranger moves her arms, it counts as an attack that has an approximately 20% chance of causing Bleeding, though the effect is negligible. Physical arm swinging attack at 85% to 112% depending, on level. Vacuum effect is great for a follow-up attack.


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