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Default [G0] General Differences

[G0] General Differences
These are differences between all male and female Gunners, regardless of their subclass. Differences include HP, MP, Movement Speed, Hit Recovery, and just their normal attacks.

- [G1] Stats and Growths

Male: each class has slightly higher HP growths, approximately 2 to 3 more HP per level. Males have slightly higher Hit Recovery, but less Movement Speed.
Female: each class has slightly higher MP growths, approximately 2 to 3 more MP per level. Females have slightly less Hit Recovery, but slightly more Movement Speed (appromately 10% more of the Males')

- [G2] The Draw
Yes, this is an attack. You know how Gunners pull out his/her weapon for the first normal attack, then again for the finishing shot? Those count as attacks, and can be used to either knock down, or keep enemies afloat for air combos.

Male: Holds his weapons higher than Females. Finishing shot involves the male turning his side to use the gun in his other hand.
Female: Holds her weapons lower than Males. Finishing Shot involves the Female taking a step forward while pulling the second gun out from behind her overhead in an arc with both hands. The Female's Finishing Shot has a larger hitbox and when aimed down, is angled slightly lower than the Male's.