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Default The Gunner Gender Guide Act 1.0

CTRL F to find what you're looking for. Each section will have a letter, followed by a number.

Table of Contents

[G0] General Differences
- [G1] Stats and Growths
- [G2] The Draw
[R0] The Ranger: Lethal Kicks and Deadly Shots
- [R1] Jack Spike vs Marilyn Rose
- [R2] Rising Shots
- [R3] Punisher vs Spriggan
- [R4] Windmill vs Topspin Kick
- [R5] Mach Kick vs Needle Sobat
- [R6] The Headshot
- [R7] Air Raid vs Sonic Spike
- [R8] Moving Shot
- [R9] Multi Headshot
- [R10] Wild Shot vs Gun Dance
[S0] The Spitfire: Magic Shots and Enchanted Grenades
- [S1] Grenade Tossing
- [S2] Silver Bullets
- [S3] G-18 Buster
- [S4] Freeze Bullets
- [S5] G-35L Flash Bang
- [S6] Blazing Bullet
- [S7] G-18C Freeze Grenade
- [S8] Napalm vs Photom Bomb
[M0] The Mechanic: Kamikaze Bots and Orbiting Lasers
- [M1] RX-78 Land Runner
- [M2] Ex-8 Time Bomb
- [M3] Secret Land Runner vs Backup Land Runner
- [M4] G-1 Corona
- [M5] Robot Detonation
- [M6] G-2 Rolling Thunder
- [M7] Air Combat Mech Tempester vs Air Bomb Mech Gale Force
- [M8] G-3 Raptor
[L0] The Launcher: the High Road or Low Road
- [L1] How to Hold a Big Gun
- [L2] M-137 Gatling Gun
- [L3] M-3 Flamethrower
- [L4] Steyr AMR
- [L5] Fire Pillar
- [L6] FM-92 Stinger vs FM-92 mk2 Lancer


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