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BLMG is on a distinguished road

CTO is getting their guardians and to my surprise i see some things i dont recognize at all!


On the fourth tab, second option the wizard has a new guardian behind him???
And what does rosaspina got to do with guardians? I got mine and she was never involved!
On that same tab, the last option shows the same guardian we saw in Kto conference when guardians where first introduced, those this mean this guy is not an old crusef concept but another new guardian??
And last, on the korean trickster page, when you click start, sephirness has a whole different sprite! She looks like the evolution cat skill! Does anybody know something about this??? Will guardians be able to evolve, metamorph??

If anyone can read chinese or translate or whatever (XD) i would really appreciate!

PD:Anybody has Full body art of the desert pets?? They look awsome!