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Default The /ggFTW Writing Challenge -- Vol 2!

/ggFTW Writing Challenge Vol. 2!

Remake of this:

Volume 1 can be found here: /forum/literature/74...challenge.html

A long time ago, Cath and I both got a crazy idea at the same time: To make basically a fiction quilt. While many stepped up to the plate, many also lost steam. I figured it deserved another go, so we made it happen, with a decent amount of success. And now, we bring you Volume 2, with new promps, and previous contributors can write for us again!

So here it is! A second coming of the writing challenge!

New in this version:
Writer's choice as a prompt
I'll be adding all works to our new /gg Library, for easy finding.

Originally Posted by Catharsis
What the hell is this anyway?
The culprit was this thread: (link). Mitchi and I had this shared idea of doing a writing activity similar to the fanfic100 challenge, only on a more manageable scale. tl;dr, here's the gist of it:
  • We will provide a table filled with "prompts" or a random assortment of words.
  • Claim a prompt that inspires you, and start writing!
  • Post your piece, read each other's work, and enjoy the sheer pleasure of reading and writing.

Err... Come again?
Anyone can pick numbers/prompts from the table below, and pledge to write something (short story, fanfic, poetry, essay, novel, etc) using that prompt. Each time people post their pieces, I'll link the submission into the table until all the prompts are used, like sewing together a patchwork quilt.
  • Original pieces or fanfiction (game/TV/movies/etc) will do. Game fanfics are encouraged, though, since we're a gaming community.
  • Any genre (action/adventure/horror/romance/humor/etc)
  • Any length or format (just use common sense; 1 sentence is NOT a valid submission)
  • Each person can claim a max of 5 prompts; first come, first served. To claim a prompt, reply here with your choice. (If you decide to back out, please leave a note here so that someone else can adopt your abandoned claim.)
  • 1 prompt = 1 piece, although you can get 5 prompts and use them to write a 5-chapter story
  • Collaborations and co-writing are encouraged.
  • We're not grammar Nazis since we're doing this for fun, but do bother to use Word's spellcheck feature.
  • ENJOY IT. We're not competing or anything. ^o^

Posting Your Finished Work
Please fill up the form below. Be sure to include the link to your fic (new thread or your MMOG blog). Thanks!
HTML Code:
[B]Link:[/B]  (URL - thread or /ggFTW blog)
[B]Fandom:[/B]  Original OR specify name of Game/Movie/TV/Anime/etc
[B]Genre:[/B] action/adventure/horror/romance/humor/etc
[B]Rating:[/B] G/PG/PG-13/R  (no NC-17 please)
[B]Author’s Note:[/B] (Optional)

I know there are people who love to write out there, somewhere... COME ON OUT AND SHINE! 8D

The Prompt Table
NOTE: You can't take claimed prompts. Prompts that no one likes will be replaced every other week for variety.
  1. Intensity -- Claimed by Mitchi *done*
  2. Falling apart -- Claimed by Leille *done*
  3. Porcelain -- Claimed by Mitchi *done*
  4. Writer's Choice -- Claimed by ieatH0ll0ws *done*
  5. Sunset -- Claimed by Adun *done*
  6. Misguided -- Claimed by Adun *done*
  7. Summer -- Claimed by iFarted *done*
  8. Earth -- Claimed by Leille *done*
  9. Storms -- Claimed by Mitchi *done*
  10. Glitter -- Claimed by Kalverone *done*
  11. Writer's Choice -- Claimed by Kalverone *done*
  12. Drifting away -- Claimed by Milkshakes *done*
  13. Clear Sky -- Claimed by iFarted *done*
  14. Test -- Claimed by Adun *done*
  15. Good intentions -- Claimed by Mitchi *done*
  16. Purple -- Claimed by Leille *done*
  17. Writer's Choice -- Claimed by Dani *done*
  18. Destiny -- Claimed by Kalverone
  19. Agony -- Claimed by Adun
  20. Salvation

Completed Stories 17/20 (85% done)
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