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Nathaniel barely acknowledged his colleague's introduction, managing a half-hearted wave as he returned to his PDA. He was busy synchronizing Amber's info into the club's database now that the cat was in the bag, so to speak.

"Don't worry though, we're not all as stuffy or serious as him. If I didn't step in he might have tried to blackmail you for breaking his phone. He can get kinda prissy about stuff like that." She said apologetically.

" I heard that, Shephard. " Nathaniel said coldly, though his expression remained unchanged as he stared at the screen. It was best to leave the recruitment proper to Layla most of the time. The girl had an innate talent of persuasion, much like him. He was usually much, much more direct, however.

As Amber returned to her frisbee game, Nathaniel matched his stride with Layla's as he put away his PDA.

" I could have made that whole ordeal easier. But you did well. " Nathaniel said, affording Layla a quick glance before continuing.

" She was different from what I expected. Given time, she could probably be useful for our cause. "