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So, I decided to log on and try out the knight training mode since I haven't found another game to move onto, and I didn't really have anything better to do anyway.

First round wasa bit boring, it was basically north against south. North was deadly with a riot merchant, but south still won. About 22 total people took part.
Second round was better, north vs south, and people in west running around. North and west had rioters and south was slightly working as a group, north won. There was about 25 people this time.
Third round was awesome, each faction felt like a threat.
South was mostly fighters and they were very VERY strong, but they didn't have a druid.
I only saw an assassin and merchant in the west faction and from what I heard, they mostly did sneak attacks and backstabs.
North's main force was mages and they had a few weaker chracters to distract you so their mages had enough time to kill you
East actually seemed kinda weak to me, mostly focusing on killing the crystals instead of other people, one of them actually said to only attack crystal and not fight back at all. They had a dark stalker and maybe a blademaster, but they didn't seem to have much dex. The gunner was a different story though. From what I saw he was the only one actively attacking others, but he kept running away on his dragon whenever he got weakened... nothing a cloaking assassin can't fix though. North beat east by around 100 points, while south and west were behind both by about 800. There was around 35 people this time.

As fun as the last one was, I don't think I'll join in the weekend ones. I really only went online hoping I'd see some of the old people I used to know, but I only saw familiar names of people I barely knew. I'll be logging on for the metamo on monday though, and hopefully I'll see people I actually knew...