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about the drawing: you're too amazing pointing the problems ^^, maybe I guess I need you to give comments to all my draws for me to fix the problem. right hand 6 fingers? where? @_@ Dragon? haha! I can't draw dragons perfectly hehe I can't draw animals.. but I'm practicing... I use Photoshop to draw that so it's hard for me to make the lineart much better. ^^, but kyoshiro gave me SAI Program..

about the thread: I ask kyo if I can post my own here and he gave me permission. but this is the first and last time I post my art here though I found proof already ^^,

very well then, I make new thread sooner. I have draw my aisha and kyo's eve char. I hope you gave me the best comments of corrections ^^, thanks for the comments..

**you gave the same comments and correction about this two drawings... thanks again**

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