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Default (OOC) To your true self - Persona RP

So Maget and I are planning an RP. Yeah, run by two GMs. Don't try this at home kids (well you can, but make sure it's with someone you know you work well with). Opening this kinda early so you guys have time to make your characters. Also, we are welcoming suggestions for things you guys want in this RP.

Names and rules are subject to change before the game starts, but I won't be an ass and change them without mentioning it, so keep tuned to this thread for changes.

Congratulations, you've been accepted into Altisa University, a prestigious private University in the beautiful city of Irvine, California. Aside from being one of the top schools in the nation for several prestigious fields, this school also boasts wonderful surroundings, both natural and man made, from the shimmering beaches to lovely green parks, shopping centers and Amusement park rides, this town is everything any college kid could ever want.

Altisa is even home to the hot new up and coming social networking site "Connect U," a special site aimed at the university crowd for helping with party planning, communications, reviews of college professors and their classes (to make sure you pick the good ones!) and even connections for job placement. It promises to be the next big thing, and pretty much everyone on campus already has their own fully customizable page.

On top of this, Altisa University is home to a staggering number of clubs and extra curricular activities, from the common clubs such as sports or music, to the more unusual such as Zombie Survival camp and even the a mushroom photography club.

But lately, things aren't all roses and sunshine. A series of mysterious suicides have been plaguing the campus, ranging from overdosing to the more extreme measures of jumping in front of an oncoming train.

Just what is causing this mysterious increase in suicides? Is it the stress? Is is merely that the youth of today is more inclined to follow suicidal urges? Or is there something more sinister at work?
- No Godmoding. Duh.
- No controlling other PCs or their Personae
- No using skills you don't have
- Common sense rules of RPs apply
- No mental conversations with your persona. In fact, if you can help it, try to not have conversation with your persona, seeing as how it's kinda a part of you and all.


Character sheet:

Please use the following character sheet and not something else, as this contains all relevant information.

HTML Code:
[B]RP:[/B] Persona RP


[B]Age:[/B] 18-25, younger (or older) only with special permission.
[B]Gender:[/B]Again, hurr.

[B]Occupation:[/B] Full time student or whatever profession. You can have a job and still be a student. It's up to you if you want to be a part time or full time student.

[B]Major:[/B]Your course major.

[b]Year:[/b] Freshman, sophomore, etc.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Describe how your character looks. Hair and eye color, height/weight, facial features, body shape, etc. all go here. Clothing preference also goes in this section. 

[B]Personality:[/B] What is your character’s attitude towards himself? Towards others? Any other perks and quirks also go in this section. 

[B]Weapon of choice: [/B] Detail your character’s preferred weapon here, along with his combat style.

[B]Backstory:[/B] your character’s bio goes in here. We aren’t looking for anything too deep, just tell us what we need to know, including how your character got into the school in the first place. If they are not the typical age for their year (like a freshman that's 22 or something) please state why they are in school here, etc.
For your persona, please make a second post in your character topic, and place all persona information there.

Please refer to the second post (of this thread) for information on making your persona.

HTML Code:
[B]Persona:[/B] Existing, or custom? Refer to the section below for details. 

[B]Arcana: [/B]If you have created a custom persona, pick an Arcana that would fit both your character and your persona. Otherwise, just go with whatever Arcana your persona belongs to. Refer to the section below for details. 

[B]Description:[/B] Describe how your persona manifested, if it has manifested at all. Otherwise, skip this section.

[B]Element: [/B] Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric, Holy or Dark. Pick only one, this will serve as you and your Persona's main element.

[B]Known skills: Pick three skills, including a skill from your element of choosing. Refer to the section below for details.
Special note one guns:
Take note that guns will be very difficult to come by, and difficult and dangerous to keep. If you want one, you need to have a pretty damn good reason in your backstory.


Please remember to post here in this topic to register.

Registered PCs:

- /forum/ - Dani
- /forum/character-inf...-giovanni.html - Maget
- /forum/character-inf...a-shepard.html - Mitchi
- /forum/character-inf...amber-lau.html - PedroRomero
- /forum/character-inf...hellenoir.html - Len Mirei Rhois
- /forum/character-inf...a-summers.html - Sandrie
- William cia - Dani
- /forum/character-inf...-stanback.html - Adun

For questions or details, please contact Me or Maget


Sigma Mu Tau chapter house:


Copy pasted from ModTheSims (yes, this is a sims house), so assume the following:

Master bedroom has two twin beds, not one queen.
All bedrooms have closets
Bedroom 4 has the same layout as bedroom 3, but turned.
the smaller bedrooms have bunk beds.

Bedrooms 2,3 and 4 contain the following:
Bunk Bed, twin size
Desk with a nice chair
closet space
small dresser
small shelf
side table for bed.

Master has:
Two twin sized beds
Desk with a nice chair
walk in closet
Bathroom (with two sinks)
small dresser
small shelf
side table for beds.

Nate sleeps in the master bedroom (are you surprised?) SO DOES GARGARCIA
Keith and Guy are in bedroom 2
Amber and Rebecca are in bedroom 3
Layla and Ren in bedroom 4
Baa baa black sheep have you any booze? No sir, no sir, I'm a....sheep~

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