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Originally Posted by himaru

oh i see.. uhmm.. can you see any problem of this one?

and this one

I want to know if there's something wrong with this uhmm.. ^_^ I want to improve my skills better than asual..
Uhh... Well, sure.

Drawing 1:

The Archer's arrows are wrong for one. The arrow looks like it's being attached to the bow physically.

In modern and ancient Archery, the bow has fletchings at the opposite side of the pointed tip.

If your idea is for the fletching to be IN the hand, then it's wrong, because the arrow MUST stay within the bow's arrow string. Whatever that's called.

The eyes of the Archer is inconsistent and lack balance. They should be repositioned to look more.. Natural.

It's about the anatomy of the face. You can try drawing a line to position the eyes correctly.

Inside of the eyes, the eyeballs look pretty awkward if you look at it long enough. Especially the left eye because it looks like it's looking towards the left.

From what I see, your Archer's right hand has 6 fingers.

The Dragon's snout is a little unbalanced. It's slightly off the middle.

Drawing 2:

The main problem is the breast. It's not drawn correctly and looks like a half-attempted line on her chest.

If you wish to position the breasts but have trouble to, I suggest you draw the breasts with pencils and then draw the arms over to get a brief idea on what to draw.

Her fingers are too sway-ish looking. You need to draw some lines and curve them better. Try looking at your own hands for reference.

The inside of her ear is too pointy. You need to curve the part a little.

What I meant is the tragus. If you dunno what it is, Google it.

Well, that's about all I can come up with.

By the way. Wasn't this Kyo's Elsword fanarts thread...?

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