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Noctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really niceNoctis is just really nice

Here's a picture of all the sharks that die.

Here's all that we take from each shark

Here's the rest of the shark

I believe shark meat is supposed to taste terrible. That's why the only part that's eaten is the tasteless part.

If you're bleeding, sharks may come to you. It's a combination of the bleeding and the way people swim which sounds like an injured fish or something. And sharks are lazy. If they're hungry, they'd rather go for the easy meal if it IS food. So they come along and give you a taste at least. Of course, it doesn't happen that often. If it did, no one would go to the beaches.

One thing about humans killing animals as opposed to animals killing humans is that animals do not kill for sport or fun. If they kill you, it was because they were protecting their territory, scared and protecting itself, or it was hungry. It doesn't kill just for the hell of it. And they don't go overboard with it either. Yellowstone National Park used to have wolves that were native to it. People were scared of the wolves so they hunted the native wolf population to extinction. There are wolves there now because they noticed that there was a negative ecological impact as a result of their actions so they brought in Canadian wolves.