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Originally Posted by SOC
I feel like we're blaming BP too much when we really need to blame all of deep oil drilling practices in general, and our usage/dependency on this type of energy resource. Sure BP did it, but it could've happened to any company that does it, BP was just the scapegoat.
I would agree had it been a truly unfortunate accident, but they skipped quite a bit of safety and preparation steps (e.g. using a blow out preventer that was known to be faulty) and preparedness (e.g. basically reusing the same disaster response plan as they did in Alaska), and forging ahead even after unsatisfactory test results. But what annoys me more is that no regulators caught onto that.

But, I agree, it would probably be a good idea to start shifting away from petroleum as an energy source and onto something else right about now. Though, in reality, I'm sure all this will blow over in a year or so and we would have forgotten all about this unfortunate event.
Human history is the story of complaisance. While disaster is fresh in our memory, we take precautions. But as the memory of disaster recedes, we start to take risks.