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Originally Posted by Miyuki
What's your allocated Video RAM? Also note, the Direct3D in VirtualBox is experimental, so *it might or might not* works with some computers.

Anyway, does your TO launcher displays "NVIDIA FX 5200" listed as driver version?
1.07 RAM

This is what the launcher looks like:
This is what happens to Trickster when I press start:
Originally Posted by kag
in the guest system, do a Start -> Run -> dxdiag
click on DirectX Files Tab, if you see yellow exclamation marks mean the guest D3D should be working.
The Test Direct3D at the Display tab shouldn't be grey out as well.

btw this is for xp

Actually for the newer Guest Additions 3.24 it works without safe mode, but iz still better to do it in safe mode.
Screenshot of files:
This is the 'error' I get when I test Direct3D [7] :