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Originally Posted by kag
Seriously, everyone should stop using BP (They don't know the power of youtube and the internet)
Lets all switch to companies like exxon instead right?

Originally Posted by kag
It is actually possible if the fume concentration is high.

But i think heat will disrupt the air pressure and kill the hurricane.
Pretty sure the fire hurricane thing is a joke. The amount of moisture, by any measurement, in a hurricane will be much greater than the amount of flammable liquids and gases a hurricane might pick up by going over an oil spill. Kind of annoying to see people taking the fire hurricane scenario seriously. An actual problem would probably be petroleum products going inland due to storm surge.

And just as a clarification, the gasoline vapors are most likely to be lit on fire. Here's a table of boiling points of various feuls: You will need a sufficient rate of evaporation to be able to sustain a fire hurricane scenario.

Originally Posted by Noctis
I thought the power of a hurricane was fed by heat from warm waters, so shouldn't a fire hurricane help the hurricane instead of destabilizing it?
Fires would destabilize the air flow in a hurricane, which would cause the hurricane to break up.
Human history is the story of complaisance. While disaster is fresh in our memory, we take precautions. But as the memory of disaster recedes, we start to take risks.

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