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Originally Posted by TimerRabbit
Okay here is my break-up:

With friends: Dolfini 2
When i'm all ALONE and have to to find a place to play: Black papel 1
Vending (lol): Dolfini 1

So yea, any server is fine. Just add "Makina" to your friendlist and hopefully once you are on I can inform you (via messaging) that we can play at Dolf 2.

P.S. I used my main TO account as my PangYa account as well. (After all, I go to the eTO forums and GM_Juki knows me as "Timer" for my artwork. o3o; )

P.P.S. If you have MSN, I can add you so I can bug anyone online to play. o3o;
Sorry for the late reply.

O-okay I'll just add you in Pangya but as of now.. we're experiencing some patching technicalities so we couldn't log online @_@

"Fail to update (28)" grrrrr... so annoying.

Anyway.. I would like to know your MSN.