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Feeling nostalgic, huh?
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Not bad, my girl~ Just some little opinions and tips from my experience!

This is really iffy to me. HP is needed so I wouldn't leave it at 2. Trust me. I made that mistake and it's killing me, but if you get alot of criticals and you are good with getaways then this build is fine too.

Knowing me, I'd probably die, but I'm sure there are people with alot more luck than me so if you can go with a little HP or HP that you gain slowly (Same goes for MP) then you'll be fine with this. I haven't tried this, but if it works, let me know.

This is the build I always use because I like having everything equal. HP is slow, but I try to make do with it, yet I would honestly suggest Charm is at a 3 or a 4. Sense is okay too and you still get MP. I use a ton of skills since my HP isn't all too high, so I really need the Magic on 2 at least. (In process of editing this statement when I think of what to write)
These builds are okay IF you can provide MyShop with good HP shield and other gears. (And if you are lucky, there are a few EVENT hats out there that let you compound for HP.) I have a 4141 Buffalo (closest thing to this guide since both Buffalo and Bunny are Power-types) and he's doing pretty well in the Warrior class with a HP hat instead of the famous Ult. Metal Helms with AP compound. ;3

The 4222 build... I wouldn't even suggest such a build. My sister made a 2242 Fox and I have to suffer running this Fox with such a build. Thank god I have friends for suggestions. For all classes with this kind of odd build (whether it's a 2242, 2422, etc.) and don't even want to delete the character or buy the $20 Build Graph reset, I suggest go with half AP (or other stats depend on character) compounds and half HP compounds, which it's basically a HP hat, shield, accessories (one is fine, but double would be better for Don Giuvani later...), and a vest. :X That should last for all of your journeys before you are ready to become 3rd and graduate on wearing your HP stuff and move on to wearing more AP or other stats. ^^; (That's how I did this to my Fox...)

For very good physical/melee damage, a "elemental attribute" weapon will help alot. That's why "Golden Sword" (and "Golden Lion Shield" for even more damage) is really popular for rich newbies. However, if you are to poor to get one, I suggest finding yourself a compounded Witch's Apprentice Umbrella (Fire Att.) and later a "Hodori's Hammer 60" (Light Att.) if you are not rich... And better if it was vended with a attribute compounded to begin with!

Now, since i'm working on a new Boxer, I am a player who loves to balance out EXP and TM... I like to go out and do "Monster Quests", or MQs for short. the ggFTW Wiki is a great tool (and I thank the staff for doing all of the hard work putting the Wiki together!) to find any MQs! Look here and find your lvl ATM (usually there are open-MQs at Lvl 5s and 10s) Fiesta MQs are there as well. Difficulty is a bit hard, but the TM/EXP reward is great! I would suggest go there if you are done with the normal MQs and that you want to get more TM while putting the normal quests on hold. ^^;

Last for not least, i'm working on my 2nd Bunny to become a Champion. The reason... Will explain later. But there is already a decent guide thanks to Kyzuumi's Pure Bunny (AKA Champion) guide~ Kinda semi-outdated, but she breaks it down to a time-line sort of list of when you can learn certain skills. Sadly this directs to those who own a Golden Sword or a Guardian Staff. :X But non-elemental Bunnies can work too if you can rack up a bit of AP. o-o (I think.)

If you need help (especially the graphics? o3o; ), i'm open when I am available. I can also help you suggest the 3rd job classes! (Even though there are guides for Champs and Duelists already. ^^; )

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