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Can I take eternity? Well I plan on taking it anyway if that's okay.

Prompt: 20. Eternity
Title: Pollux's tale
Link: /forum/blogs/
Fandom: Part original, part Trickster, part Pandora Hearts
Genre: Angst, Tragedy
Rating: G, I think (Think Stella from Trickster)
Summary: Stella has a pair of twins once she finally decides to have a family (not saying with who) and one of them takes on her job as a Star Gazer while the other sets out to become a Trickster. Pollux gets into some trouble when she tries to find her brother and help him out instead of doing her job, so she is pushed into the Abyss (from Pandora Hearts) by a stranger. This is Pollux's story. (Girl twin)
Author’s Note: If you still play TO right now, don't think she married Kyu because she didn't. I have no idea what her husband's name is, so don't ask. This is a letter that Pollux put in a bottle she found and left in the Abyss before she left. I don't own the TO characters, but Castor and Pollux are mine.

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