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Originally Posted by Mirae
Minor typo. You probably meant to type 3 instead of 5.

Now this is my opinion regarding this build so don't feel bad about what I say.

In the long run, a 4222 build isn't generally the best to follow. It's better focus more towards the 4114 or 4123 build.

With a 4222 build, you'll have a higher MP output but you are wasting your growth on two stats that don't matter much, MA and MD.
MA is useless except for Flaming Fist. Even then, the MA within that formula is insignificant that it's just thrown out.
MD may be useful against magic-casting monsters but once you reach higher content, that won't make a difference. You're going to need a lot more MD than just the growth itself.

Players may feel that the MP itself is low in the beginning, but that's the same to all classes event Magic themselves. Once you reach higher levels, you'll notice that your MP is at an okay value for grinding.

You also want to consider future bossing. It's better to have more HP/HV than MP/MD.

It's been so long since I've grinded low level characters so I can't give alternate locations for you to add on.
That's okay. I'm actually still playing and I would've had more experience with this if I wouldn't have forgotten my secret question to get my username back. I spent about two weeks on my bunny. I have a really strange habit of making all my stats equal even though it isn't necessary. I fixed that problem on my lion thankfully. Is it alright if I use your advice in this? I'll say it's not mine of course. I won't use it unless you let me. Thanks for the criticism/advice.