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Default Hime's Guide to being a Boxer

I would do a guide up to Champion or Duelist, but I'm not that far, so when I get there I'll either edit this or make another guide, so bear with me. Also, please don't steal this or I will have my actual bunny hunt you down. I do play Trickster so this guide has been tried (by me only *shot), but that's all I do, so I'm not affiliated with anyone else except whatever this guide is connected to. If you know, please tell me.
<<<Domo is your friend!

Me: Domo here plays Trickster and plans on being a Bunny. Is that right Domo?
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*Domo says nothing*

Stat graph:
It's in order of power, magic, sense and then charm
Your power will be 4 no matter what you do since you are a power type.

This is a good build I really mean it. It's great for Power types. All I have to say is be careful with overusing skills when you first start out because you won't have alot of MP. You'll live alot better and longer than I do that's for sure. I will also warn you that Caballa Relics/Azteca has alot of Sense quests (meaning drilling), so be prepared for that.

In my opinion, I like this build better than 4114 because of the Sense. Not alot of Magic, but you are a Power type so you can cover up your lack of MP with Mature Compounding if you have the slots for it.

This is really iffy to me. HP is needed so I wouldn't leave it at 2. Trust me. I made that mistake and it's killing me, but if you get alot of criticals and you are good with getaways then this build is fine too.

Knowing me, I'd probably die, but I'm sure there are people with alot more luck than me so if you can go with a little HP or HP that you gain slowly (Same goes for MP) then you'll be fine with this. I haven't tried this, but if it works, let me know.

This is the build I always use because I like having everything equal. HP is slow, but I try to make do with it, yet I would honestly suggest Charm is at a 3 or a 4. Sense is okay too and you still get MP. I use a ton of skills since my HP isn't all too high, so I really need the Magic on 2 at least. On second thought, I don't suggest this build. Well, if you already used it then you'll need alot of AP and HP items that will help you. You can also get try to get the Pharaoh set too. (I'm trying to get that, but I keep forgetting to bring Aprons with me. =_=)

Me: Did you get all that Domo?
*Domo chews on my arm*
Me: Okay. Now that hurts.

Next up, drum roll please... *crickets chirp* Me: You guys are mean. o.o

(I'm a noob at using Photoshop if you must know.)

You'll be a schoolgirl until lvl 50, tm 40 unless you want to keep going for a bit before changing jobs. I'll tell you this though. You'll get a check for 100k at lvl 60 in your lvl 50 box. Why you ask? I wish I knew. You can save this check for later or lvl up to 60 and use it for your second job (but selling is not really hard).

Levels 1~10 or 12 or however high you get
Right now you start off on the boat. Talk to Captain Stan to exit at the Gate of Blooming Cora. You can look around for Monkey T before seeing the Captain if you want. Talk to him and you'll get a check you can sell for a quick 50 galders. After you get off the ship, talk to the eagle guy (who still creeps me out) and then follow the order of npcs with numbers over their heads. That way you'll get your newbie pack. I really don't know why you wouldn't want it because that's like running into battle without equipment. o.O Oh and by the way, check your cards by pressing the "C" button, double click the only card you have and then you'll have a skill you can use if you want to.

After getting your last item (Young Egg from Rosemary), I would suggest that you just do Episode 0 and talk to Esther. You should be at 10~12 by the time you're done. I was past that because I fought in the same area until I got annoyed. I fought Torrobies until I was lvl 5 even though I already picked up the entry form and did something similar with the other monsters, but I'm not telling you do this. If you don't have alot of patience, I seriously don't recommend it.

Training places~
Blooming Cora fields until lvl 15 or you can fight as long as you'd like, but it will take forever for you to level up. Talk to Blacksmith Marx and Driller King Marky for stuff you'll need later.

Field 1- For lvls 1-3 I think, but just finishing the quests gets you far enough.
Field 2- For lvls 4-6 or 7. Little Coras are lvl 8 and Penguins are 11 so just keep a heads up.
Field 3- For lvls 7-11 or 12 or however long you stay here. Highest lvl monster in the next field is 15 and the lowest is 13. You should be finished with applying for Trickster by now. You can do other quests like help Bean and Tinnie or just move on.
Field 4- For lvls 11? (guessing you stayed in field 3 this long) to 15 unless you really just want to leave. If you feel like it, you can do Hunter Yuri's quest but I don't really care much for it. Also, you can do Monkey T's quest for grass if you feel like it. If you're going through the cave, you can do that lifeguard's quest too.
Cave- Train as long as you want to. You have to be at least lvl 15 to do quests at the Gate of Desert Beach anyway.

Gate of Desert Beach and Paradise:
You'll be coming back to the gate again to talk to Mermaid Babe and a talking fish. Do Louis' quest too for a ring.

For the quests, you can drill for Oasis Water, the potion bottle, and Salt at the Gate or Beach Field 5 for the water and Beach Field 7 for Salt. You can buy the potion bottle at the shop too since it's incredibly cheap. Don't sell the stuff you get back from Don (but the book you can do whatever with). Use it for Officer Robert's quest. Follow whatever instructions you get from the npcs and you'll be fine with quests.

Talk to Driller King Marky and do his quest for a new pet. ^^ Also don't sell the sword or the scales you get from Officer Robert.

Training areas again:
15-25 or higher- Any field you need to go to for the episode quest or the key quest. It does some good to do the key quest initiated by the Sandman (who is not putting sand in my eyes for once XD) at Paradise. You don't have to help everyone, but you can if you want to be one of those ppl who sells their extra stickers.

25-31? (Guessing you'll stay this long)- Kill pochis and collect 25 multivitamins for Eloy. If you have a hard time killing pochis, stick to chipmunks until you can fight pochis.

31-whatever lvl u end up on- You have two choices. Do Scared Poppuri's quest which is not too difficult or train on bugs in the Southwest forest. (Bug exterminator! XDDD) There are some parties forming in Poppuri dungeon and party quests help, so take the oppurtunity if you feel like it.

40s -50- Train at Path to Caballa on Leaf Birds (you'll need hulled millets. 25 of them) and Mandragoras or/and Path to Oops Wharf. Path to Oops takes alot of potions so you have been warned.

Yay! You are now a Boxer! Or at least the level to become one.

Talk to Boxer Jeanne in the Megalopolis Skill Shrine or find her in Azteca. She'll tell you what you need. Hopefully you still have your lvl. 40 GB because if you don't then you'll probably do what I did and sell soap in Paradise. Or sell whatever else sells really well. Sell the GB for about a million to get the amout that you need plus on top of that you can have extra and pay off the 5% tax rate equalling to 315k total. (Yes I used a calculator at first)

Kaboom, the monster you have to fight, is lvl 60, but it has alot of health and limas, chimus, and other monsters tend to surround you, so I suggest going with a party. If you're in Fantasia, I'm always willing to help out or you can ask someone here who plays Trickster on your server to help you out. Another helpful hint, guilds~! If you join a guild in Megalopolis or apply through another Trickster, you may be lucky enough to have friends who are free to help you fight the Kaboom too.

Well that's all you need to become a boxer. Here's your new look:

TM skills that I forgot to mention:

Note: Save points in between skills!!!!!

Shockwave- You only have to be tm 1 to get this. You'll end up learning this either way, but whether you lvl it past two is your choice. I just went with burning rave. If you don't want this move, you can't get your ring. If you don't care, that's fine too. The ring isn't all that great, but whatever.

Bull's Eye- Learn it at tm 10 or when you get the chance. An AC boost never hurts. Lvl it to 10 when you have the points but make sure you save up for other skills.

Burning Rave- I like this move because it's faster than Upper Smash. Not as good but pretty good when you start out. Learn it at tm 20 and lvl it to 10 when you have the points.

Pumping Heart- Learn it at tm 25 and lvl this to 10. Again, never hurts to have a boost. Especially AP.

Another note: Take your time lvling these skills because you still need to save points.

Upper Smash- Prerequisite for another awesome move called Uppercut. Learn this at tm 40. You can lvl this if Bull's Eye is at 10.

I'll finish this once Hime gets a bit farther. Talk to me on Fantasia if you're in the server if you want to. The pictures are from Photobucket and are not mine! They belong to their rightful owners. I made the banner though. I'll also fix the tm skills section because I couldn't really explain it well. =_= I will try harder!

<<<This picture looked better earlier until I tried to fix it and screwed up.

Yet another note: I had followed part of this guide: /forum/power-type-gu...nny-guide.html to get started for training but old habits got the best of me to the point that I had to aim alot lower because I didn't pick a good stat build. So the training areas look the same as momijii's guide although I honestly did not intend it to. I used the same training areas for my raccoon, but I didn't even know about this site then. If there's a problem with this, tell me what to fix and don't kill me. *hides from killer Domo*

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