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Take out the 1st skill, it's useless. Take off the stealth passive as well.
Take out Dimension Link Guardian and take off Blackhole.
A mix of 2 max and one with 3 SP in it with the following: Illusion Stinger(if you want an EI+IS combo, defense buff(pvp and henrir), magic buff(high level maps) and the "MP gain with HP loss"(pvp).
Metal dust route is fine.
Encouraging aura just for pvp(I don't know why you have encouraging aura without any buffs, the passive does nothing without the party buffs)
Get explosion Impact.
The attack passive if you want, it doesn't do much but whatever.
Mega elctron ball if you're good with it, it's hard to use compared to most things but really damaging.
Get the movement+jump speed passive.
Take off Junk Break and put in Queen's Throne.

A mistake most people do is that just because it's locked, it's a better skill, in many cases that isn't right. Meaning, Explosion Impact does better than Iron Scrap by far, it almost does the same damage modifiers as Junk Break, so junk Break is somewhat useless. Queen's Throne is really useful for midmaps and some bosses, killing it at a good time.