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It's always lupus
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Default Yobanashi Answers!

And here are your questions as answered by our lovely Ms. /ggFTW, Yobanashi!



Originally Posted by buta
What would you want as your last meal (make it extravagant!)?
I don't really have a favorite meal, but I do like Sushi (Kappa Maki) a lot, and McChicken, so I would like to have those I think, along with some nice cold water. Omg.

Originally Posted by Aimee
The writers of reborn! stop writing Takeshi into the anime/manga AND you're collection gets perma deleted. WHAT do you do?

/waits for death.
I would fly over to Japan and threaten Amano Akira (Writer of the Manga) to put Takeshi back in it! And if he refuses I'll just, omg, I dunno what I'll do >: He is too cool to be removed out of the manga/anime. I object! Yeah I would die. DIE

Originally Posted by Mums
Why are you so breast obsessed?
I am not! Just because I treasure someone's breasts doesn't mean I'm breast obsessed, 8D do you ever see me talking about a different girl's breasts? I don't think so, I don't see you treasuring her large breasts, but I DO Mama! I do.

Originally Posted by FlamesBlader
Why can't I have your iPhone?
I never said you could not have it, come and get it! I have some candy for you too. *LURES*

Originally Posted by Dani
Takeshi falls into a coma. WHAT DO YOU DO?
Bring him back with a wet juicy kiss. Yay! If he isn't back, then I'll stay at his bed until he comes back. >:

Originally Posted by Amiez
Why do you have such a cool forum name? 8D
You think it's cool? Thanks. It used to be my in-game name for my character (Healer) I got the name from some picture I found on deviantART. This was in 2005/2006. I think it's nothing special but thanks!

Originally Posted by Mirae
I have Yamamoto pictures that you do not have. How is that possible when you're his #1 fan?!
I object, I need some proof first, ARE YOU UNDERESTIMATING ME? I'm sad, why does people ALWAYS underestimate my love with Yamamoto. >:

Originally Posted by SOC
Aimee has left you for others. Who will be your new prey target slave partner?
No one, Aimee wont leave me. Well... Maybe she will >: but if she leaves me I'll rot, I'll lock myself up in my room and never leave it, sit, eternal crying.

Originally Posted by PedroRomero
what is a musical instrument you love?
I'm not really into those but I like the Guitar the most, along with the Grand Piano, it looks great, and the sound etc.

Originally Posted by Milkshakes
You're a female, does that mean you like yaoi? :E
Well, it's pretty obvious is it not? My answer is: Yes.

Originally Posted by MegaBoy740

HMMM a question for old granny yoba..... I would ask why don't you have a facebook page BUT I'd rather know....

Where did you learn to be so tech savy?
Hi sugar grandpa, I'll be nice and answer both! I don't have Facebook because it's pointless for me. People here in the Netherlands use "Hyves" instead of Facebook, I don't have Hyves either but I just don't need it, I don't see how it could benefit me. That's my reason.

Answer on your second question; I'm not really a tech savy, I just want everything clean and simple looking on my computer(s), and I started that in 2004 (when I got Internet for the first time \o/) so I started playing with my computer settings, formatting my computer over and over. I was seriously addicted to formatting and finding new and better settings to make my computer faster than before, I think I used to format it at least once a week back then, which was around 2004/2005 when I didn't had important files, so I didn't mind losing them, so yeah, it didn't harm, but now I'm too lazy to format lol, and TOO many files I don't want to lose, omg if my computer crashes I think I'll go crazy, losing all my pictures, Anime etc. Total trauma.

Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
There are no girls on the internet. T/F?
False. Because I know a true big bibbed girl.

Originally Posted by Miyuki
Any ambitions to takeover ggftw someday? Overthrow noejeko? Enslaves him? Or something..

Don't you dare to flee from me! But I don't see how I could be able to takeover /gg FTW lol, I'm a bad sample for all the members! I won ms. /gg FTW and yet not posting much outside the Prisma guild forum >: Enslaving him sounds nice tough

Originally Posted by KhaiL
If you are going to do your world tour, which countries would you go for sure?
Japan for sure, Egypt, (Lots of places in Africa, jungles etc.) Dubai because of the nice buildings. Hawaii, Italy. I would visit a LOT of countries, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by RaiTheSoul
Do you make your own avatars? If so, interested in sharing your brushes?
I didn't make this current Avatar of mine, Yuki did. I make most of the Avatars and Signatures of Prisma members, but I don't use any brushes, I'm sorry.


If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please contact Mitchi.

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PM Kotarou, Ascherit, Mitchi, Miyuki, or Sanichi.
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