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Default Rules (Must Read)

Rules are simple, so please follow them

- Please show respect to members. I'm not going to bash anyone's brains for being sarcastic, being vague, or being an idiot, but if it offends a member and the member asks you to stop, then please stop whatever you were doing.

- Don't spam. Yelling out repetitive things will annoy members, so please don't spam in guild chat.

- Must be active. I expect each member to appear online at least once every other week. It's not too hard. I understand that school is starting, so some of you may not be able to play as much. I expect everyone to do well in school, so I won't tie a leash on you to play the game. Do well in school; that's very important. If for any reason you can't play the game (like going on Vacation, MidTerms/Finals, illness, etc), please contact me before the 2 week period. If you were kicked out of the guild for being inactive, you're always welcome to join again by contacting me (Sohei) or KrEmEyViLe.

- When responding in the forums, please make sure that its legit through the forum's terms and conditions and forum's rules of MMOG.


I'll be basing people's actions through points. If you exceed the safe zone (5 points max), you will be banned from the guild. Points will be removed if they're over a month old (let bygones be bygones).

Spam: 1 point
Disrespecting a Member: 2 points
Vulgar Offense to a Member: 3 points

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