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Default Thoughts on 1.9?

For me, I guess it was ok. The increased drop rate is a little noticeable, seems like some of my friends are getting around 2 gold drops a run. Weapon fusion is a really nice addition also, but I felt bad for the classes that can't use it. I'm seeing a lot of QQ with sins that quit their class=\

The lvl40 daily quest is just down right lame. I spent like 5-6hrs on the first day just to kill 3 asmos in heiron. Maybe it's just my server, but it seems everyone is thinking alike and just camping the rifts for poor rifters bound to get ganked by packs of 50's, thus discouraging rifters to rift. (I went through a low level rift on my ranger then got piled on by 15+ lvl 48-50 asmos=()

I love my new costume though..too bad it costs 11.7m>____>