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Originally Posted by Kenzor
great drawings, think this is my first time seeing good fanart that isn't 5cm long xD

i can kinda see your problem with the heads though:

IMO, with your Elesis picture, I think there may be too much empty space on the face (the eyes and mouth might be too spaced out i think?)

there's something wrong with Ryan but I'm not sure, maybe his head is too small or it's something with his neck...

Sieghart's head is too wide

but overall great drawings, i especially liked your Lire and Lass drawings
I can see it:

There is too much negative space with Elesis' face. Maybe her eyes are too small and her lips are a little too low...Still, big head issue. Hate it.

I can already tell what's wrong with the Ryan drawing, and it his chin. I could've left that lining out and it would've looked better.

I can't really tell for Sieghart's head though. His right side of his head could shrink a bit or be angled more inward as a fix. I think his body proportions are the among the most correct, with Lire and Lass.

Well, I guess it's better than some other GC fan art I've seen.

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