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Originally Posted by Buff
Is this just for Windows XP? I have tried all the posted solutions and they do not work in the least for me (I am using Windows 7). When I DL the shortcut from the link provided it is just a white sheet and is unable to even open. Can someone please post a Windows 7 solution or am I just doing something wrong?
Windows 7 shouldn't have an issue with this. I'm using Win7 right now without any problems making these shortcuts.

The shortcut you downloaded assumes you installed the game at C:\Games\OGP\La Tale. If you installed it somewhere else, the shortcut won't get the priring icon, and it won't work at all, probably saying something along the lines of not being able to find LaTaleClient.exe

Right-click the shortcut, select "properties", and make sure the target is pointing to the LaTaleClient.exe at the place you installed the game at—fix it if it isn't. Also be sure that your username and token are added into the shortcut correctly, or you won't successfully log on after the client starts.