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Name: Akaiito Kagamiya (tells Westerners to call him Akaito though, since its just easier to pronounce. People also call him Kai if they're good friends with him)
Age: 106 (25/12/1910) (looks 20)
Gender: Male
Race: Incubus
Occupation: Assassin
Height: 6'2" / 190cm
Eyes: Goldish which turn to red near the pupils
Hair: silvery blue. Used to be black when he was younger, then when he was around 70 it changed to the colour it is now (OLD AGE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA k)
-Incubi/Succubi can live up to 3,000~5,000 years, mainly depending on how powerful they are and how pure their blood is (like if they're part human/whatever).
-Each cubi family line has a different talent unique to them amongst their race.
-All(if not most) cubi are acomplished shape shifters
-They used to hang around dreams raping people but they kind of got bored of that. No really, they did.
-Different families have different kinds of horns
-Succubi stopped growing horns
-... However Akaito himself is just learning to shapeshift. He still has trouble keeping his shapeshifted form for extended periods of time.
-Only his family tends to lose the hair colour they're born with after 50~80 years
-The Kagamiya cubi are empaths. They can feel a person's emotions via physical touch

Appearance: He has a slender build to him and isn't way too muscular. He has a bit of a feminine face and small, pointed ears which look like they're drooping (compared to typical elf ears). He has a pair of horns on his head like that of a ram's, a pair of wings, and a devil tail. All of them are a very dark blackish blue colour. His hair is about shoulder length. His skin has a yellowish tinge to it and he appears to be oriental. He tends to wear comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothes.

Personality/Character: He can be a bit of a tsundere towards people he's taken a liking to, but eventually loses that after a while. He's really fond of human beings. He tends to be a bit shy but ever since meeting Joshua Blitzer he's started to loosen up and become more social around people. He's easily swayed by his emotions and gets flustered really easily. He tends to linger on mistakes he's made in the past as well as cling to people. He really likes sweets (especially chocolate [except dark]). He has a soft spot for small, furry animals too (mainly rabbits). He used to be an alcoholic but has slowly started to lose the habit. He smokes cigerettes a bit but only whenever he's really stressed. He used to smoke a lot more but has slowly been working towards quitting.

He's also pretty naive and tends to be... out there sometimes. He's absolutely terrible with picking up innuendos and won't realize you're hitting on him or whatever unless you actually tell him you are.
Yeah, he's kinda slow too.

History: In 2008, he was approached by his long lost twin sister, Kanaete Kagamiya and his older brother Yuu Kagamiya. They informed him that his father was willing to call him back and test him. It was also around this time when he first met Joshua, who had grown a liking towards him romantically and was making Kai feel rather awkward and uncomfortable. Between his family matters and love life, he was really confused and was at a loss, but decided to head on to his home in Ceres to be tested. After completing the tests his father had for him (including testing his judgement on "to kill or not to kill") he became the head of the Kagamiya assassination clan. Shortly after becoming the Family Head he's been working on improving relations between the cubi families. The Kagamiyas and the Romeros quickly became allies.

About a year after being tested, it turns out that his whole journey away from home was part of his tests. They were meant to educate him and teach him the way the world works outside of the "ornate picture frame which we are all raised with as children". Akaiito thanked his father formally and it was only then that he fully accepted his position as the Kagamiya family head.

Currently he is on a bit of a vacation after working with the cubi race's matters.

Special Abilities: He can now freely create anything as long as his imagination isn't limited. He's learning how to affect the enviroment around him via his ability, but its rather difficult since it uses more spirit power and he has to manipulate it differently depending on what he desires (illusions, physically changing something...). If he overuses his ability, its very mentally exhausting and can really drain him of his power for a while. His limits are currently unknown to him (they're always changing as he improves on his ability).

That aside, he's incredibly flexible and has great reflexes. He's just a very bendy kinda guy plus he had a lot of training back when he was younger to become as flexible as he is now.
He's talented in using most mid-range weapons but when it comes to close range he's only good with a knife/dagger and basic martial arts... and long-range... well, throwing knives, but way too far = forget it. He's not very good with dealing with the recoil of sniping weapons and just finds it annoying and boring. Hidden arms other then throwing knives are good too (kunai, smoke bombs, cherry bombs... think NINJA GEAR). Lately he's been experimenting with wires in assassination techniques.

His sister has just started to teach him how to shapeshift. He's having a bit of trouble grasping the technique but can do basic things like change his hair/eye/skin colour, adjust his height, and change his ears to human looking ones. He can hide only his tail and horns on his own, since his wings are actually pretty hard to hide via shapeshifting. He uses a leather collar he received from his old lover Vanessa Mae to take care of this.

Lastly he was born with the ability to see the spirits of the dead, as well as the living. When he looks at living people's souls they don't have a form are are just a glint of light with its own unique colour. It's a lot easier to distinguish the form of the dead. All the Kagamiyas used to be born with this ability, but it slowly faded away. Now it only comes once in a blue moon.

Equipment: His imagination!

Legal Info: yeah I'll purge you or something if you steal/copy/whatever. But really, this shit takes a while to come up with (in this case 3 years).

and yes, something did happen to kai between this kai and the burning steel kai which greatly weakened him.
and editted a bit since I'm an idiot who makes dumb typos and shit

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