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Shinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really nice
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"Phew.. Good work, cow!"
After gathering enough milk in a bottle, Shinkirou patted the cow's back as he pulled out his kitchen table. He set it up on flat ground so it wouldn't wobble, and placed his strawberries on the table.
"Alright.. thinly slice the strawberries.. add sugar.." He was reading the book as he chopped the strawberries on the table, while stirring sugar into the milk. "Has to be perfect.." Shinkirou muttered to himself. After a short amount of time has passed by, he finally finished making some strawberry milk. "Whoaaa.. this looks so good!" He took a small sip. "Augh, too sweet!"

After a few more tries, Shinkirou finally made some pretty good strawberry milk. "Hmm, maybe I should try making some different food." He decided to walk south down the road, where the apple trees were, to see if he can gather a few apples to make some apple juice. He then remembered the incubus, and wondered where he went. "He ran this way.. but isn't the Dugald castle up north? Maybe he lives in Sen Mag dungeon."