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Erhu yawned for what he hoped was the last time as he stepped into Dunbarton. He had slept in his tent that night, just like he did most nights when he was playing in Dunbarton... Unless of course he made enough tips to reasonably afford a place to stay. He pushed his blonde hair back from his eyes and looked around through the mid-morning sunlight, looking for a good place to set up shop. As he began walking towards the town square, he pondered.

Huh... Maybe if I make enough tips today, I should get some adventurers together for a dungeon excursion. I really do not have enough money right now... But maybe today will be better. I mean, my luck always seems to be better on Imbolic than on any other day.

He did a quick check to make sure his Ice Wand was at his side, and pulled the Lute from his back. He rummaged in his for a moment before producing a slightly battered "Tips" box, which he set in front of himself before he started to play, somewhat softly at first, but picking up as his fingers warmed up. He did his best to look cheerful and happy, and even sang a few lines - mostly nonsense syllables or long lost languages that no-one would recognize, but at least it was a step up from his normal fear of singing in public.