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dabbido is on a distinguished road
IGN: GundamHero
Class: Meister lt_templar
Level: 91

Read the Guild Rules: Yes
Character IGN: GundamHero
Character Job/Class: Meister
Character Level: 91
Activeness: Very active, depends if I have something to do, but usually all day long.
Main Character: Yes
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is: Everyone went to a Pirate LaTale, and it was very un-active >>

Real Name: David Villeda
Age: 22 o3o
Nationality/Ethnic: Latin American (but I can speak english aswell)
Location: Guatemala City
Time Zone: GMT -6 (Central America)
What you do for a living: Currently...nothing...Ill make some websites soon though! and might teach Photoshop aswell! <3
Type of music you enjoy: Rock, JRock, Pop Rock...and pretty much everything xD
Microphone: Yes
Ex guild and the reason you left: xGameOverx... As I mentioned above pretty much everyone left to a pirate LaTale =w= and it was very unactive aswell!.
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Cause Im tired of joining Guilds that will last for some months, I want a good guild that will be very active, with good friends and well...why not choose the best guild of em all? ;3