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He ran as fast as he could, but he could feel the fatigue catching up to him. Not only that, but he could truly feel the emptiness of his stomach too. With a loud growl he fwomped onto his belly and laid on the ground as if lifeless.

"... Foooood... Need foooood..." He struggled to get back up onto his feet and held his stomach, "I'm gonna die like this... Foooooooood...."

He looked at his surroundings. Up ahead, he could see a very dead like area and what looked like a dragon statue of some sort in the distance just barely poking out of some hole in the ground. Although he rarely left the dungeon, he had some basic understanding of his surroundings. The human city was north, so now he decided to go west to where he recalled where Peaca dungeon was. However, before that he should probably get something to eat. Peaca is fine and dandy and all, but everything there is either dead or was never 'alive' in the first place.

He walked until he was out in a huge open field of some sort adorned with craters everywhere. Ruins of houses were everywhere- truly these were the scars of a war which took place ages ago. Well, it was before his time, so it doesn't really matter to him much.

He then spied some humans and an elf eating at the fork in the dirt path. There was a little girl in a very elegant yet doll-like outfit and a dog there, too... A black lab? Maybe. He snuck behind a large rock close to the group and peered over at them.

"So..." a human boy began, "Can I have that mountain robe for 15,000 gold?"

"No," the doll girl deadpanned.

The boy pouted childishly, "But it's so expensive! How about I pay you half and pay you the rest later!?"


The boy's companions were watching while happily eating away... Smoked carp, fruit salad, T-bone steaks... Akaiito found himself practically drooling from behind the large rock. His eyes went over to the basket sitting beside a teenage boy whose back was towards our hungry incubus.

An elf woman nibbled on some of her bread, "... Nick, you made too much food. At this rate we'll all get fat."

"Just save the rest for later!" he replied, "We'll be heading to Rundal dungeon, so we should save the food in case we get hungry while we're destroying those skeletons!"

They went back to watching the boy try to bargain with the doll girl. Now was his chance!

Akaiito tiptoed over to the group quietly. They were all occupied so it was now or never. He reached out for the basket and clamped his hand on the handle. Slowly he lifted it and began to move away, then the black lab just happened to notice him and began to bark wildly. Kai froze and then everyone's attention went from their old business to the incubus. They all stared at him, and him right back at them.

"... Well then," Akaiito began as he took a few more steps back. He brushed the dust off his clothes and brought his loosely clenched fist to his head and 'bonked' himself lightly with a cute, innocent smile, "Oops~♥ I guess I screwed up~"

And with that he began to sprint once more. Peaca wasn't very far now. He could hear the enraged shouts from his pursuers which merely made him push himself further. He finally made it to Peaca and just barely made it inside of the dungeon. His pursuers stopped in their tracks as soon as he had went through the pit to the dungeon.

"... Dude..." Nick began, "That incubus just went into..."

"We aren't going to try and follow him... right...?" the elf woman shivered.

"Of course not! we'd get slaughtered!"

Meanwhile, Akaiito was in the dungeon, happily striding through and waving at formors he walked by. He stopped in one of the rooms and sat down on a coffin and opened the basket. It was still pretty packed with food. A cheerful grin was brought to his face as he pulled out some smoked carp neatly wrapped up in paper, on a plate and a fork which was in the basket and began to eat. There were two bottles of strawberry milk as well as some wine so he didn't have to worry about getting thirsty while eating.

Mission 'Stealing from the random humans and elf' complete!

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