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Shinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really nice
IGN: Shinkky/Magenta
Class: WILLDRIVER. to_cardmaster
Level: ...
Guild: SOSBrigade

Shinkirou walked out of the library in the early morning. He wanted to learn how to cook, and decided to hit the library to see if there were any guides for beginner chefs. He couldn't find anything useful for beginners, so he left empty handed.

Shinkirou decided to ask Glenis, the grocery shop owner of Dunbarton, if she knows anything about cooking.
"Hey, Glenis!"
"Why, hello there.. um.. Shinkirou, was it? How can I help you? Looking for some bread, or rice?"
"Actually, I was hanging around Dunbarton to see if I can learn about cooking."
"Ah.. I know a thing or two about cooking. Makes sense, because I own a grocery store."
She pulled out a book, titled "Step-By-Step Cooking Skill 101" and handed it over to Shinkirou.
He quickly skimmed through the pages, looking at the basic techniques of cooking.
"Ohh, strawberry milk looks tasty. Do you have the ingredients for it?"
"I have strawberries and sugar, but you will have to get milk on your own.. you can get it from cows outside of Dunbarton."
Shinkirou paid for the strawberries and sugar. "I'll return the book to you some other time, thanks again!"

After that was over, Shinkirou bought some empty bottles and a kitchen table and knife from the general store and headed out. He found some cows standing around and eating grass, but his attention was directed towards a rather peculiar silver-haired man, who was resting beneath a tree. He tiptoed his way to the person, and yelled: