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"Yo! Welcome to the Dugaid Isle Castle Dungeon Boss Room! I'm your sexy host, the one and only Akaiito!"

The woman, aged at sixteen, rose her brow. She had come to the dungeon to see if the rumours of a Incubus who would rather play games and party then fight were true... And to get his horns.

".. Oh yeah..." the silver haired incubus crossed his arms and brought his index finger to his bottom lip, ".. I should probably recite that poem. Yeah, I'll get on that!" He cleared his throat and brushed a lock of hair from his eyes. He brought one of his hands to his chest and closed his eyes as if he were merely a bard. Well, had he not ended up in this rathole of a dungeon he probably would be one.

"If my eyes fail me, I will still be able to see thee.
If my ears fail me, I will still be able to hear thee.
Even without the legs, I will walk to thee.
Even without the lips, I will sing thy name.
Even with my arms broken to pieces, I will hold on to thee with my warming beating heart.
Even if my heart fails me, my brain will sing thy name.
Even if my brain fails me,
then I may,
Embrace thee with my blood..."

He then shrugged.

"Or something like that."

The woman was now getting impatient. The man was definately a formor... But... How could she take him seriously? She hadn't even bothered to say anything herself and this 'Akaiito' had already blabbered so much she wished he was already dead. She finally spoke, "... Look, I only came here for two things. One was to confirm the rumours of a Incubus who avoids battle with talk and games..."

"Oh, that sounds a lot like me!" Akaiito beamed, "Yeah, yeah! Those rumours are one hundred percent correct!"

"... And to take your horns."

Then Akaiito's cheery demeanor instantly became that of despair and fear, "... Oh, come on! My horns are equal to a human's golden jewels! Don't take them away!" He shielded his horns with his hands, "They're my pride and joy asides from my family jewels! Spare me, young human woman!"

She scowled, "No way. I came all this way, don't make me leave empty ha--"

... She was cut-off by a quick icespear shot which effectively froze her and sent her flying back. It was then that Akaiito began to sprint for the exit.

"Screw this! I don't care if this is cowardly in the slightest! I'm getting the hell out of here!"

"G-get back here!"

However, it was already too late for her. He had already broke down the door which lead to the statue of the goddess and quickly dived towards it, "I don't care if you are a goddess of the humans! GET ME OUTTA HEEEERRREE!"

And with that, a long goose chase through the Dugaid Isle town, then to Dugaid Isle itself ensued. After hours of running through the early morning, our young Incubus has managed to just barely escape into the area just outside of Dunburton. Judging from the sun's position in the sky, it was around 9am. Akaiito pushed himself further to a tree and slid down the trunk and onto his bottom. He leaned back on it and let out an exhausted, yet relieved sigh.

"Haah... Just barely..." he gasped for air, ".. Managed to-- haah... escape... Hehe... I think I'll rest here for a while..."

And so he did. Hopefully no humans would spot him before he could get somewhere safer.

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