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Originally Posted by Celerity
+ In Game Nickname: Celerity
+ Character(s) and Level(s): Lvl35+ Ice Mage, Viking, Cowboy...level 20ish Hook and Shaman
+ Contact Info: compulsory-sorry@the mail which is hot.
+ Other: Everybody loves Celerity!
Ooh? Really the Celerity i'm thinking of? I'm just surprised because I just read your thread on a possible new guild interest yesterday. When I read up on it, this guild does seem to fit just about everything you asked for on your post. Well, except the -Order- Faction part.

If you're still interested in joining, i'll be sure to discuss it with the other members. Though if you don't mind that we're Legion, we'll be sure to be on the lookout~

-Sidenote: Sorry if I misread your post earlier on the thread, I thought you were creating a guild, not gathering interest. I corrected what I said so there isn't much of a misunderstanding.
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