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Default [OOC] From Reality to Phantasmagoria

2016, In New York city, a new cellphone game has swept through the local highschools. "Conquest of Vireans," a new strategy RPG fortress-type game where you need to protect your castle from enemy armies made up of "Phantasms". Originally kept in gaming circles, it eventually spread like wildfire, even attracting the least expected crowds.

However, as of late, people who have played this very game have started to disappear without a trace. Nobody really knows why, but the rumour is they were Spirited Away by the game somehow.

Of course, most people consider this as a load of BS.

In other news, a new race of human-like beings has started to come into the light of society. These... Demons, as they refer to themselves, are very much like humans, but at the same time teh crevice that seperates the races is deep and dark. They are physically stronger, magically adept (a talent which faded away from humans as technolgy became more advanced and eventually forgotten except in stories), as well as longer lifespans. The most prominate race of demons are the cubi, who seem to have been working behind the scenes in human matters for centuries (or so they claim). Other then them, the easiest way to describe all the demon races is via the folklore of all countries. From vampires to kappa, werewolves to werecats, they're even more diverse then humans. however, most still stay in hiding due to fear of human persecution.

October 17th, a girl from Horace Mann Private School'a Upper Division has gone missing. On the night that she went missing she was last seen heading home after shopping with her friends. Police are investigating what seems to be a kidnapping of some sort, but, as people put it, she litterally disappeared without a trace.

Now to the present, November 22nd, more and more people have vanished from not only Horace Mann, but from other schools in the area and neighbouring cities. Police continue to investigate with little results, asides from "the cellphone game took them away!"

What could have happened to all the students? Did they really vanish?
Blane Ashton Private Academy- a private highschool which had been built only a few years ago. Already bearing an exellent reputation, this is the main school that is currently where most detectives flock to nowadays. This was the school where the cellphone game first spread outside of gaming circles and became well known.

The faculty are worried for their students and don't want the detectives to taint the "atmosphere of education", so they have enlisted a certain man to investigate whats going on in the school while they keep the others away.

  • No Godmodding
  • Atleast TRY to be active. If you're going to be too busy to type up a few lines in a RP, then either step out or ask us to go on a hiatus. Don't just disappear on us. Also, make your step out make sense and work in the plot
  • Don't control others characters unless you get permission
  • Don't randomly kill off someone else's character. Talk about it here first
  • And of course, what is considered common sense in RPs

No more people are being accepted in this RP (unless you message me and talk about it on msn or by PM).

Blane Ashton Private Academy's uniform:

Uniform notes:
-Girls can wear either navyblue or black kneehighs or tights/nylons. Though as of late thighhighs have been spotted as a growing trend amongst the students.
-You're supposed to wear black dress shoes, but students tend to strategically avoid this in numerous ways (black running shoes, sandles, slippers [as based off my own school and mine and other student's uniform dodging])
-Students also tend to replace different parts of the uniform too. Some try to replace the blazer with a hoodie or jacket of some sort, others replace the dress shirt... Students mainly keep the blazer, pants and skirt.

NPC List




Healing NPC rules

Kaela has a limited mana pool and can only do so much with it. She can do about 15 small heals, 10 moderate heals (heals most not serious wounds and the like) and 3 large heals. If someone (namely a PC) is seriously injured/near death, she will devote her time to healing that person and is unavailable for healing until she is done (which will take 5 posts after the heal post). When she's out of mana, it will take her 5 posts after her action to recover if she doesn't have any mana potions on her... which she usually doesn't.

You can be either a human or a demon, but demons are rare to find walking out in the open so keep that in mind. Demons refer to humans as humes.

Kind of a school life style RP, but also fantasy. Inspired by Persona 2 Innocent Sin with the Joker cellphone game (though this is quite different from this game, since you won't be trolled by a guy who'll take away all your worldly desires). Also inspired a bit by ideas from the RP plot thread.

Lastly, this RP is very loosely connected to my other RP, Burning Steel and Blood. This RP takes place 1000+ years before the events of Burning Steel and take place in Midgard/Earth.

There is a chance this RP will be adapted into a webcomic once it is finished (of course if I get everyone's permission to do so when that time comes around).

This post will be editted more in the future, but feel free to discuss crap and ask me questions about it.

ggFTW RulesggFTW Eventscomedy.mp4
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