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I just wanted ya to know that I deleted HeavensPower, and ItemMaster224. I am sorry for Sparq, But I wanted to explain on what happened, Well I got addicted to raccoon and while I have the chance I did account sharing to Trickster468. After he gained my trust, He started this crazy things. He scammed someone , And I notice it after I saw that I just got a sprint that I really dont need. Then I went to Drill for Poppuri Boxes til HikU called my name to charge him. I didnt know what was happening til I knew that Trickster468 scammed Hiku's Friend, Sparq. and that happened. Hiku told me to pay him like 43.2m that I really dont have. Hiku gave me 1 week to pay up, But I still cant cuz The real hacker always took my money and I cant save some. so After some weeks I gave up. The hacker sold ALL my SCs & EQs. I gave up and just gave my Items to my friends. Til I got stressed and planned to delete my char. so this Chaos can be destroyed. I am sorry to ALL people. and I know ALL OF this is my Fault I even know that it is banned to acc. share. so I talked to Trickster468 to delete he's Char. too before I deleted mine. and There. That is the whole story. I am sorry for all people. Hope u Guys understand . Sorry for long things heheh

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