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Default Sieg Skill guide

well gonna request unlock on it ML later to lazy now so il just copy and paste my old thread to here instead >.<

Sieg Guide ~~

Hiya, I’m Kreig, and yeah, I’m bored and I can’t prepare some stuff in Lunia at the moment cause it’s not working. So yeah, I decided, why not explain the Sieg skills and how many points in them are good, and what skills should be avoided. NO THIS IS NOT A BUILD. For the PvP one read Zyris’ one. It’s really good. Zyris can tell you more about PvP as he is supposed to be the best here =P.

Okay, I noticed that all Sieg skills can be comboed one way or another. The only skill that can’t be comboed is counter attack. It’s kinda obvious why it can’t be comboed. Even thundersound can be comboed.

Let’s start with the strike tab (Sieg skills are divided into 5 tabs).

how to go to where you want. press ctrl+F then copy example qwertyui5 paste it then press search.

Note: build is under construcktion for now. will be fixed this weekend
1. Skills
-a. strike- (qwertyui1)
-b. sword- (qwertyui2)
-c. charge- (qwertyui3)
-d. bless- (qwertyui4)
-c. ability- (qwertyui5)

-Strike- (qwertyui1)

CrossCut- Okay, this isn’t my favorite skill, and I kinda hate it. But anyhow it’s a very useful skill. What it does is explained in its description, but I’ll still say it slashes the enemy/enemies 2 times and takes you closer. This skill can be for damage and for continuing combos as it takes you closer to the enemy. The easiest way to use it is crosscut (1cut only) space aa etc. The harder way is to use both cuts to get 100% of its damage, it can be done, but it’s harder. If the skill generator isn’t lying, then it hits 428 at max. Don’t forget the air booster (stage) and in PvP, if you just use it before it get reduced too much then its kinda great hitting 200-300 and then continuing your combo.

Stg> 1 or max. Anything, by the way, is just awful.
PvP> 1 or max ^same as above

Destruction Fist- A very nice skill. What it does is that you simply punch them with a incredibly strong punch =P(one of Sieg’s strongest skill). Most knights love it. A combo ender(most of the time). If your good with timing with Whirlwind Wave then it’s possible to continue. It pushes enemies to far away. That’s what’s bad about it and it will lower the height of the enemy by a lot. Anyway, when maxed it hits 762 and with max air booster I heard it hits 4k, and that’s like 1 Iron Hammer on a boss. In PvP it’s awesome, Whirlwind Wave space(reset airtime thing) Dfist. Thats like 1k damage depending how many spaces you get in. Thats one of the things that makes knights get advantages in PvP.


Blow- Well I say it’s good. Who doesn’t like stun? Your character runs at the enemy (great distance) and hits them in the head. In stages I rarely use it. I can even count how many times I have used it in stages (8 times). In PvP I have used it countless times and when it hits, the one you are fighting will most likely panic or get very mad ‘cause he just lost 700 hp(lv 44). Not allways of course but often =P. Blow FF cancel and combo(hard to pull) hits a lot. This is another advantage we get over the other classes. Just wait for them to miss a skill that’s long or have long cooldown. (does not work on healers, they got dodge). You can combo it but I say forget it, as the stun effect does not work in juggle.

Stg> 0 or 1 (comes handy on mobs that are annoying, just that you forget you have blow)
PvP> 1 (I see no point in over 1 even if it gives higher stun time, 1 hit and they loose the stun anyway.)

Final Blow- Well, I say it’s useless; others say its awesome. It’s an extra down hit. You ''slash'' air and they get damaged and then you can do down attack after it. It works as combo ender (Never ever seen anyone combo after it) it pushes the enemies too far from yourself. I don’t have it so I cant say much of it in PvP but I’ve been hit by it a lot of times and it gives extra damage. Yeah, and it can hurt a lot depending on the level on it. So yeah, if someone got it please give me some more info on it and how many points it’s worth.

Stg> 0 there are better skills to get
PvP> No idea. Waiting for someone to tell me how many points. Look at Zyris’ thread he might have posted how many points =P.

Counter Attack- I say this is MUST MUST MUST get skill. It has saved me a gazillion times. When monster spins you’ll love it. When play dead is on cooldown. You can’t run and they start spinning. Why not just give them some damage back and get a higher survival rate? And I love countering Kanhel spins or the Adamant Titan one. 155x4 hurts Kanhel a lot. That’s nearly a Dfist. Cons is that you will hate it forever ‘til you master the timing on it. In PvP it can save you but its way harder to use in PvP, you need practice A LOT to use it perfectly in PvP. Level 1 is 60 sec and level 5 is 20 sec you pick how long a cooldown you want.

Stg> I say 5, but you pick.
PvP> 5 if your good with it. You will need every cooldown.

Iron Hammer(IH for short) –Yay! Finally here. GRATS when you get here. It’s Sieg’s level 60 skill and boy, will you love it. Sieg swings his sword up then down(not sure if down stab gives damage) and a thunder falls on your enemy turning them into crisps. 4-6k damage on bosses. 1-1.4k damage on normal and PvP. and . Cons is 300 second cooldown and it’s slow. you can beg a tia to TBT you to make it a IH evry 2 min instead. lv 2 is better coz the min dmg boost from lv 1-2 is over 100!! this skill hits 6 times so 1 point for 600 more dmg is AWSOME.

Stg> 2-max (300 sec isn’t cool, max it if you love it)
PvP> 2 (resets dmg . can be used in nado and often instant kill players.)

-Sword- (qwertyui2)

Cresent Moon Sword - One of the few range Sieg skills. It’s an AOE , and it’s really good in stages when you get a mob. It hits 4 times per mob. Sieg shoots a beam or something (hard to explain). In PvP 1v1 I say it sucks as what I’ve seen of it and used of it. In 2v2-4v4 it might get useful as it harder to escape and less room space and more chaos on those matches. its comboable example: S CMS voke dash a(ultra told me this). also works with nado.

Stg > 5
PvP > 0 or maxed (maxed for team pvp)

Hurricane Sword- sieg hits his sword on the ground and a straight thin yellow wave comes up D; sorry to hard describe. its ok skill but i dont recomend getting it. its got longer range then CMS but is alot thinner. it needs alot of points to do decent dmg . comboable. its ok in pvp coz you can knock down runners with it.

Stage > 0
PvP > 1

Thunder Sound- Well its description lies, so I’ll tell what it really does. Sieg smashes his sword in the ground making a ''earthquake'' that makes your enemies fall. I say it sucks, it hits low and it can hit 0 on any level and level 8 for 0~239 damage is ew. What’s cool is the effect, 1 it adds slow and you will love its slow- 50% slow and it makes your enemies fall on the ground. Oh yeah, and it can combo in some way, so yeah ending it with this is good as it adds 50% slow when maxed. In stages its crap; i don’t wanna explain but it sucks.

Stg> 0 useless
PvP> 0, 1 or maxed

Whirling Sword - Sieg throws his sword as a Frisbee (delta forced me write this) in a cool way, you know as a pro does it with 200% confidence. I used to hate this skill but now I love it. I use it as much as kicks. Whirling is a hard to master skill as its cancel need practice. The cancel is like this > Whirling sword dash to side then AS(sidestep) then press so your character turns and AAA etc or dash a kick . Looks really cool when you pull it off. It’s one of the best PvP skill for Sieg I say. Decent dmg, comboable, cool looking AND RANGED. WOO HOO. Unlike cresent this hits 3 times this is =P.

Stg> max (I love)
Pvp> max (again I love it)

Flash Fate-Sieg shoots 3 beams at his enemy but unlike cresent this one bombs on contact while cresent goes right through. It works excellent with Blow, and you can combo after it the same way as whirling, but it needs even more training as you need distance to pull it off. It hits 700 on level 1. Cons is it’s very sloooooooooow so it kinda only works after S or blow. it also works with nado.

Stg> 1 (more then 1 eats mp and it doesn’t increase damage much)
PvP> 1 ^ same as above

Whirlwind Wave - I cant get enough of this skill. Sieg swings his sword and creates tornados that will follow your enemies. This skill really needs a nerf. That’s how good it is. You can reset air thing in PvP and in stages it can hit 30 times ar lv 4(on nonflinchable mobs). It’s super easy to combo its use time is 0.2 sec(however lv 3 and above is hard to combo with =/). You can do a Dfist into it and continue combo after Dfist or run away and do a FF and combo. You can do a lot with this. Anyways, people call them Nado. Con the tornados got there own will and might go after other mobs you don’t wanna kill and you will get very, very frustrated when they are like ''Oh yeah, lets skip the boss and attack those minions of his.'' <,<

Stg> 4 (It gets max range and it has 3 nados)
pvp> 4 ^same as above

-Charge- (qwertyui3)

Triple kick- Kick for short. Sieg does 3 cool kicks. This is the skill I use 24/7. You can nearly use it anytime you want. It does low damage but that’s not what its used for, its used to link combos as you can shift after kick or do dash A or whatever you want. This is a skill that’s a must for a Sieg as it’s the basic thing for a combo. A Sieg without kicks = fail.

Stg> 1 or max
PvP> 1 or max

Wind Kick- Sieg does some matrix thing on the enemies. It hits 7 times if I’m not wrong (correct me plox XD). Well, I thought this was combo ender but Ultra said you can combo after it, so yeah I dunno. I say its not good at all for PvP, only use is that it can KD (knock down) people with 0 hp . In stage it’s very good it hits 7 times and that increase it own damage 2 times on the last hit. It can be comboed super easy and I like using it close to the walls (wall combo is hard for me T_T) =P. very easy to combo with.

Stg> 1 or max
PvP> 1 (Good to KD and run away XD)

Whirlpool Sword- I like this skill but I haven’t used it for a while. Sieg’s sword spins and he kinda runs a decent distance. Good to run away with. A combo skill thats often forgotten. its good but its rare to see this in use. it works like CC(cross cut) Just don’t forget press space before the last hit, it pushes too far on last hit. It hits 5 times. It does ok damage but there are better choices =P. I say use it for interesting combos XD

Stg> 1
PvP> 1

Flying Dragon Sword- I used to like this skill. Sieg turns invincible during this skill and run and jumps up with his sword, dragging mobs up with him. Looks flashy but should be renamed to FLY AWAY SWORD. The skill is often called FDS. You can combo after it (ask ultra how). The best run away skill, you can also jump or run over spells like moon pieces (I have never done this lol. Haven’t even thought about it). It hits 4 times. You can’t get damage while you’re doing it. But you can get damage at the beginning and the end.

update: well i start using this skill again and i find it awsome dodge boss attacks >.<. o yea more things. the higher lv FDS the lower your combo has to be for it to hit. so if you wanna use FDS above lv 1 you need wait til the mobs nearly touch the floor.

Stg> 1 or max (People seem to like it a lot, so yeah, max it if you really love it =P)
Pvp> 1 (cause the more hit a skill does the lower damage it will do =P, so lv 1)

Infinite Meteor Sword(IMS for short)- It’s as cool as it sounds. I’ll describe it easily: Sieg slashes the enemy up. You can combo this and it does ZOMG damage. It’s cool and powerful. Only big cons is that it’s sooo easy to cancel and the 1st hit is slooow. After lv 2 IMS it gets more height per slash. so comboes that dropped after 1-3 hits will work with lv 2 and higher IMS.

Stg> 1,4, or max (You need to be very focused when you use it.)
PvP> 1,4, or max (Good luck using its full potential; its quite hard.)

-Bless- (qwertyui4)

Provoke(for short voke)- Well, I say MAX MAX MAX it. Sieg kinda shouts or something and mobs get mad at him. Yeah, this is the skill that makes you a knight. Any knight without this isn’t a knight in my eyes. 1: you can save people with it, 2: you can stuck stuff with it, 3: you can reset its aggro to 0. 4: you pull mobs (players also) to you. In PvP when you use it, it seems the opponent gets a lag and comes closer and gets a slow effect, so yeah, dash and start comboing or blow them, your choice. Provoke is the best skill a knight has. even if you miss 1st hit in pvp you can just dash and start comboing anyway coz slow effect is ownage =P. and theres voke chain too.

1st sieg use provoke then press in f31(tells the other sieg provoke started) and evryone in party goes behind and hit the mobs. when provoke CD gets to half the sieg press f32(tells other sieg effect is over). the 2nd sieg then voke and press f31 (tells he got aggro now) and evryone keep attacking from behind. when voke is half again the 2nd sieg use f32 and 1st sieg then use voke then f31 and continue like this til mobs are dead. sorry hard to explain in text =/


Magic Defense- I love this skill. He does that annoying buff animation and gets the buff. This skill is a life saver in PvP and stage. Everything that has an element will be blocked from element punches to element projectiles (nearly all magic projectile has an element) or magic AOE(only 1 AOE doesn’t have a element, and its from Adaman). You might say 16 sec is nothing. But what if you see Kanhel breathe and you got no time to run? Just magic def. If you practiced like me, you will get it in 70% of the time and then you can just run up to him and do Iron Hammer or something. In Adaman raid when you do Kstyle stuck. Magic def, run up to them, do nado, Iron Hammer, IMS, Dfist, run back FF, and I’m pretty sure they’ve just lost 10k hp. So that hit 30k total(3 adamants) for 16 sec. In PvP it will force Dainn and Eir go into melee combat (As we know, Sieg’s got the advantage there). and all elemental based skills are ignored like whirling sword, nado, and other skills.

Stg> 0 or 3
PvP> 0 or 3

Rage Explosion – I’ll leave it blank for now.

Play Dead- Well this is one of the biggest life-savers in both PvP and stage. Sieg drops dead (Okay, not really dead just looses 30hp). In PvP you can nearly always play dead before a lifting attack. Can’t dodge play dead all attack will miss but down attacks will hit you. You don’t wanna waste your time being down. Just dash and cancel it. It’s an excellent skill and a MUST MUST GET. higher lv play dead increase time being on floor.

Stg> 1 (More level take more hp and 5 sec lower cd [cooldown] per level is not worth it.)
Pvp> 2 (more time time on floor is good in pvp, can be cancelled whenever you want anyway)

Protective Fortitude – Okay, I’ve gotten some info on this. It’s a buff skill that regains your HP. I think it’s a nice skill for soloers and in PvP this might just save your life. Okay, Lagg wrote that this WILL NOT HEAL your hp at 0 hp as the ghost hunter one does. I don’t have it, but it seems useful. It’s just hard get enough points for it. this skill is very handy when all healers die in raid.

Stg> 0 or max
PvP> 0 or max (I think you need all hp you can get it’s but still optional to get =P.)

-Ability- (qwertyui5)

Max HP Increase- Not much to say but it makes your HP big and hot.

Stg> max or quit
Pvp> max or quit

Mana Regeneration- Not much to say either, but this is the only mana getting source that’s good for a Sieg. You will have a harsh time without it and it will make you feel like quitting.

update: The paladin/monk Krieg got party mana regen but this skill is a must to max.

Stg> max or feel like crap later
PvP> max ^ same as above

Deadly Blow- It adds critical. I say more level than 1 is a waste. Tia gets 4 levels for deadly blow and gets 30% critical rate while Sieg gets 8 points and only 10%. Really unfair. 1st level gives 3% chance all levels above add 1% more.

Stg> 1 or max (I highly don’t recommend max; It’s point wasting.)
Pvp> 1 or max (same as above)

Minimize Damage- As it says, it minimizes damage BUT NOT AFTER THE THE % IT SAYS. The % means how often it will make your enemy hit his/her lowest. The lowest is like your damage ''lowest''~''highest''. This skill is excellent for battling Tia. Her criticals do very little damage as they must be 1.5 higher damage from the lowest value.

Stg> 0 ,2, or 4(Useless most of the time, but useful at bosses that use spin like moves.)
PvP> 4 (You have to fear Tia.)

Mana Increase- The only useless Sieg skill, I say. 200 mp for 4 skill is BS! I can get 200 mp from equipping 1 item -_-. Use your points wisely.

Stg> 0 or max (You’re desperate or dumb if you max.)
PvP> 0 or max (Helps a bit more here, but still kinda same as above.)