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DOLLFACE is just really niceDOLLFACE is just really niceDOLLFACE is just really niceDOLLFACE is just really niceDOLLFACE is just really nice

Originally Posted by JLynniex3
I like it. Are those CC shoes? Q_Q
Yes, those are,.. though they weren't brand new from the beginning with. Second hand stuff, -cough-. I'm not that wealthy!

Originally Posted by LaTale
! So cute!
I want it! ;A;
Any suggestions on sites that sell such clothes? o:
I don't online-shopping much, because I don't trust online shopping.., but I bought the Chanel shoes online @ ebay lol, because I had to! Freakin' 139€. T_T
The blazer was bought in a shop called ZARA, not sure if there's one in your town but if there's a MANGO shop then there's also a ZARA shop.
The mini bag and the dress was purchased in H&M.. should sound familiar.
Not sure if they are still available but I'm pretty sure you find similar stuff like that.

But if you really rather shopping online, here's a site that you may like,
Dorothy Perkins - Womens Clothing: Dresses, Maternity Clothes and Womens Shoes To Buy Online
It's located in england. The prices are very fair-minded, I think.
I have bought a pair of shoes and a cardigan there. Though, it's probably just me but be careful about the shoes... I bought some black high heels and my feet were hurt after a few hours.