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Originally Posted by Shirakani
My only unfinished task in this game is not getting the chance to KJ the damn joynazi prick. Personal gripe, don't mind me.


Quit or not notwithstanding, I'd like my share of the payout. Even if I don't use it personally there are people I can give it to. It's called paying the piper his due, something I never got even after all I gave you guys. Regardless of what I do with it that isn't your decision. I know I've earnt my share from all the time/effort put into the guild. What I choose to do with it is my right. I've let go/forgotten/overlooked all the small stuff given over the year... But I am laying claim to what is rightfully mine here.

Simply put, I want my slice of the pie.

lol...if you want, you can temporarily take over Moogles, go KJ, then send the powers to my mule XD

*update list*

And if you guys who don't play, was a part of Moogles, but still want to earn retribution, just give me a reason why. If it's something similar to what Kyo's doing, but still not planning to log back, you can let me know how you want to distribute your earning and I, or someone else who can log, can distribute for you.