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Alright, BattlerPig has informed me that he has found a guild to replace ours within the nation. The change is expected to happen during the weekend. In addition, WN has already found a guild to join their ranks. This pretty much put's the last nail into Moogles, less someone takes over the guild.

Thus, I will be distributing guild funds to qualifying members, which includes those whom are active and that can actually benefit from it, while keeping at least 2% of the funds within the guild in case the guild gets resurrected. All guild points will be converted into Guild Op books and will be stored on my mule.

The list below are members who are qualified to earn retribution:

- Boomsticky
- johnnycake
- DarkRayne
- Dookoon
- Eyo
- Nebukadnezar
- MoogleS
- Alundra
- Unw
- Mishanna
- Kyoji
- JulieFernile
- RipChord
- Sarafina
- kon4ak

If you are still playing AO and was a part of the guild, please let me know either in-game or in this thread. There are probably a few people I may have forgotten to put in the list...sowwie :<

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