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"Alright thanks" Waving off to Camel Olifen went over to Ahrima. "Oi, so what's this I hear about you leaving the guild." He tried to look at Ahrima's face but she would turn it to the oppisate direction every time she felt like he was close.

"I meant what I said, because of me, Van got hurt. I wasn't using my brain." Ahrima opened her eyes and almost gasped from being surprised as she saw Olifen staring right at her.

"Well then, lets leave together. First thing tomorrow. We'll leave the guild and come back when we think we are ready." Olifen then clapped Ahrima on her shoulder. She looked up and him, a smile on her face. Then she kneed him in the gut.

"And why the hell are you leaving, huh?!" He buckled over, nearly fainted but managed to stay up.

"Because, I felt useless this mission. I'm going to try and get used to only one eye and I can only do that by traveling a lot. So how about it." He then took a step away from Ahrima, reaching out his hand. She took his hand and they shaked on it. They would leave first thing tomorrow morning.