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Originally Posted by Lunar
Skill Simulator v0.8b.rar
tia data complete
I checked dacy's out, it's all mixed up:~

Slippery Sheet uses Double Double Needle Bomb's picture
Boink glove uses Bundle Bundle Net's picture
Double Double Needle Bomb uses uses fuzzy whirlwinds picture
Bundle Bundle Net uses Suprise Bomb's picture
Suprise Bomb uses Hot to trot's picture
Hot to trot uses rb fuzzy whirlwind's picture
True slippery sheet has no picture
Pink roll punch uses slippery sheets picture
Thunder candy uses Pink roll punch's picture
Dongdong gurum uses Thunder Candy's picture
Catch catch kick uses Boink glove's picture
Reckless repeated punch uses Dongdong gurum's picture
Fuzzy whirlwind uses Reckless repeated punch's picture
Bumpy dash uses catch catch kick's picture
True fuzzy whirlwind uses Bumpy dash's picture
True bumpy dash uses true slippery sheet's picture
True catch catch kick uses True bumpy dash's picture

And in her ability tab, there are two skills that say "Mana recovery"