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Originally Posted by nyejyh
I am using win7 with ATI HD 5770. I have not experienced any problem whatsoever. However, I have lagged before in certain maps and solved it later. One problem is installing the wrong drivers for graphic cards. You need to know whether your CPU has 2 cores or 1 core. Before, I only installed the 32xbit ATI graphic software to my 2 cores CPU PC. The game usually runs ok, but when I go into a map with lots of lightings, it lags. After I installed a 64xbit ATI graphic software, I no longer have any problem.

If it helps, double check that the graphic software you use lines up with your CPU. Right click Computer and click Properties if you want to know.

Btw, I also have widescreen. All I do is just to have no fullscreen for SDGO. Easier that way.

PS, I never did any of those compatibility crap. Win7 is like Vista.

Hope this helps.
ty though i was aiming to if there are any problems later with pc, liike in XP then u cant install some problems due to language packs and some unicode weird error, but i u have not any trouble nvm, ty
i dont think ill experience lag since i used to have Dual core 2.242ghz and 9400gt and i didnt FPS lagged & 2gb ram ddr2
now i got a quad 2.6, ati hd 5570 and 4 gb RAM ddr3
Originally Posted by Destiny
I'm so noob...Why did I leave picking parts to my desktop to my cheapass uncle.... I told him I don't care how much it cost and guess what graphics card he put in...Nvidia Geforce GT 220. What a fckin piece of shit = =.

Any ideas on which graphics card i should replace it with?
go for ATI, they are totally awesome, for ex some graphic cards may work better with ur CPU of course depending what u got, for example AMD works better on ATI, besides it's cheaper and better, ill say u got for
-ATI HD 5970 as top ultra mega powa graphic card
-5870 this costs only half
or 5770
4800 series
5600/5500 series
as always i recmnd ATI, since its da best!
ddr5 ftw!
all this are ddr3/4/5
top tier graphic cards are ddr5 as 4800 series(though 4800 series are not anymore produced)