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Hmm, Tempest specs are missing, Yay for double post

Gundam Tempest
Reactor: Quad GN Drives
Systems: Trans-Am, GN-Feild, Armor Shedding (similar to Needlah), X-Raiser attach Program, Quintinazation
2x GN Bazookas MK III
4x GN Beam vulcans (2 on head and 2 in chest)
2x Beam Sabers
2x Shoulder mounted Tempest Cannons (Like Virtues, single barrel firing a blue beam that splits in to 36 individual homing beams)
24x Fang MK III (Stored in backpack)
1x GN Mega Bazooka (combines both GN Bazookas, super high firepower)

And since the enemy stole the Quad GN Drive data, might as well put down an enemy.

Gundam Jehuty
Reactor: Quad GN Drives
Systems: Trans-Am, GN-Feild, Quintinazation.
2x MRBR (Multi-Role Beam Rifle, Sniper-Machine Gun-Rifle-Bazooka)
2x Beam Sabers
2x Beam leg blades (Knee to Toe beam blades)
2x GN Beam Vulcans
1x Hyper GN Bazooka (2 Shots, 2x the power and velocity of the GN Mega Bazooka)
36x Fang MK III (Stored in backpack)
GN-Feild Shockwave (Uses the GN-Feild and creates a shockwave equal to that created by Ryuma's S.F. and Tempest's weapons collideing.)
00 quantizing peice of junk DIE!!!

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