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I dont think God is a good choice for beginner rock users....
It's actually quite hard to play God effectively. People will argue that they do know but they're in denial ._. Signs that you dont know how to use it well is when you die 15 seconds into the game, your team gains a little lead and then losing it all because u died twice already making it a 3v4, and when u ONLY use vulcans to shoot (yes i know it seems impossible but i have seen a person do this).

I would main a B rank rock first instead of an A rank rock tbh and practice SS+MCA with that.

Anyways, on to SS and MCA.
MCA = SS with a target.

First you need to get the hang of SS-ing since its fundamental to playing a rock and reduce the chance of you getting caught and reducing the time ur vulnerable. Hell, you could just learn SS and forget about MCA to play a rock decently.

MCA = The whole point of this is to allow you to have a way to dodge melee specs as well as a method to get crits in a melee string. Some people are stupid and MCA out of a crit string for no reason too.

To do SS, I find it easier like this:
swing-> tap w and 3 together twice, hold w after second tap to remain dashing -> press 1 -> swing

You can try with weapon 2 as well as most people SS and MCA with that one. Its basically all preference.
Also... BEWARE! Your keyboard may potentially make alot of noise and ur fingers may get tired after periods of time! :<
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