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Phae will become famous soon enough

I started playing back around v3 and haven't been very active since quitting around v5-6. I tried getting back into the game but got bored again soon after selling my Soccer Blue set for approximately 1b before going inactive again. ^^

This is one of the few games I actually spent time in pvp. I finally bothered updating only to find most of my PD4s and 6s have mysteriously vanished with random amounts of 1-2 stones where they used to be, my mighteers and strentes disappeared, and all my plug +2s mysteriously turned into plug +4s. :P

Original Full Statted Cat Set

The +10 Dest suit I never finished leveling to wear~!(I couldn't find anyone selling the other pieces at +10 anyway.)

After all this time they still haven't fixed my broken wrist!

My old level 35 pvp/fs assist. ^^