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Default Advice any one o.o?

Hai people (im new Lol) But not to the game though i still fail at it <_<. Im a Rock user currently im using Hyper shining im like 900 exp away from hyper mode. Trying to get god gundam. but the thing is i can barley get kills ._. is it because of shinings lack of range or do i just fail that much T^T Any ways when i usually go melee people they just move out the way then i try my best to move before they come at me usually i move out the way or they get me. Gundams like unicorn and strike freedom give me a hard time to also IJ/J gundam and ofc Good players so any advice for a rock player like me ._. (i dont know how to SS or MCA)+before i was trying to get Sword strike should i get him or stick to leveling shining.