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Ahrima couldn't stand it now. The hooded man was making her paranoid. She slowly got up from her seet and tried to look at his face. She had to bend down at some point to get a proper look. It was Olifen. Ticked off, Ahrima rises back up and punches him in the stomach. The sheer force making him jerk up and fall to the floor, twitching. A dent in the wall where he was standing just a moment ago.

"Morning, Olifen" She bent down and talked to him in a cheery voice. For all she knew she could have just killed him.'
Olifen had been trying so hard to pretend to sleep that he actually did fall asleep. So when he woke up he was surprised to find his stomach felt like it was ripped apart and he wasn't breathing. He found that he was on the floor and looking at him was Ahrima.

"What was that for!? Also, why are you here? God, I fall asleep for a second and then find myself nearly killed?" He slowly got up, his stomach cramping and hurting like hell.

"I thought you were ignoring me, plus i'm here to join the guild!" She replied in a happy tone.

"Yeah well i'm going to be doing a job today and I still need to know if I can have in on a group hunt." With that, Olifen quickly scanned the room and saw Evis. Whistling at him and then calling out.

"Oi! Evis, mind if I join your group mission today?"

Ahrima went back to her set, happy. For far, today was going pretty well.