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Olifen had spent that whole night tossing and turning in his bed. The night before it wasn't like this but this night, after trying so hard to forget about it, it came back to him as a nightmare. The night when his right eye became lame.

It was after a difficult mission with Lari and they both decided to go to a tavern around the mission area to celebrate. Larietta had a few drinks and was thrashing around as she was eating. Olifen was sitting next to her, trying to make her settle down. Then it happened, she suddenly stood up on her set and swinging her arms around. She lost her balance and started to fall. Olifen tried to catch her before she could hit the ground but he didn't notice as she still had a fork in her hand. She swung her arm around and the fork dug into his right eye. Making him lose all his sight in it.

He was rushed to get help and when he came to he saw as an eye patch was being placed on his right eye. Lari came up to Olifen, pencil in hand, and starts to draw something on it. It was easy enough for him to hide his eye from the guild members since he always wore a hood so no one had even noticed it.

"Aaaah!" Olifen jumps from his bed in a cold sweat. The events of the horrible night flooding him. It was just a nightmare. He wished that was all it was. He places his hand over his right eye and feel as he touches the soft material of the eye patch. He walks over to the mirror and sees that it is there. The thing Lari drew on them was a pair of orange, outrageous, glasses. Olifen screams again and then slams his head on the desk.

Ahrima woke up, hoping out of bed, she quickly showered and but on a clean, simple white dress. Fixing her hair up in a bun and then leaves her shop. Today she was going to join the guild Olifen was in. Weither she had to force her way into to join or not. She felt like today was going to be a fine day.