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Shinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really nice
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Kallistos woke up in the morning, in his shabby old home Maximillion bought for him a while ago. Today's the first day he'll be working as a hunter of the Dies Irae guild. Maximillion had actually signed him up as a hunter about a month ago, but he hasn't really hunted any big monsters. He hasn't even walked into the HQ once. He's been using the title as a hunter to get discount on food and gain permission to carry his sword around. But Kallistos owed Maximillion money for the house, and he had to get money somehow. He dressed himself up, fixed his hair and washed his face several times. Have to make a good impression, Kallistos thought. He grabbed a slice of toast to eat on the way, and carried his katana. He walked out of his house and followed the directions to Dies Irae on a map Maximillion gave to him. This was the start of Kallistos' new life and journey.


Kallistos was at the front gate of Dies Irae. He stared at the building for a while, and began to wonder what kind of adventure awaits him. As he walked in he stared at the number of doors in the building. He was already lost. Kallistos searched around, looking for any other person or some sort of sign that would direct him to the tavern.

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